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Thoughts on Marshalling and Unmarshalling in Zydeco

Prompted by a recent question on PerlMonks, I've been thinking a bit recently on marshalling and unmarshalling Perl objects. If you're happy using Data::Dumper's format, then it's trivial, but today we're looking at JSON.

If you just want to encode your objects as JSON, that's very easy. Just add a TO_JSON method to all your classes. This can be done in a role to eliminate duplication, and in most cases can be as simple as:

The difficulty comes in going the other direction.

Let Mom Help You With Object-Oriented Programming

Mom is a shortcut for creating Moo classes (and roles). It allows you to define a Moo class with the brevity of Class::Tiny. (In fact, Mom is even briefer.)

A simple example:

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