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    👍 part two will be interesting!...
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    Nice article, but I don't understand what's wrong with Carton. If I create a Perl function and I want to run it in your Lambda environment I will really need to specify which modules version I use. Running things in...
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  • Grinnz commented on Perl Dependency Checking

    Regarding the blog platform, I completely agree that it has many problems - I tend to still post here for greatest visibility, then post the link to reddit r/perl for comments. There is a grant for creating a modern replacement for that has had occasional progress.

  • Aristotle commented on Perl Dependency Checking

    The dependency metadata in a CPAN distribution is independent from the code that actually loads the needed modules at runtime, so the two can diverge, and occasionally they do. But it gets noticed quite quickly, most of the time – simply because if the metadata is incorrect then the module won’t work after installing.

    At least usually. Errors that do not produce non-working installations can survive for a long time.

    One way that this can happen is if an error is covered up by other parts of the dependency chain. Imagine that module A needs modules B and C, but the metadat…

  • bigfoot commented on Perl Dependency Checking

    Thanks all for your comments...they were helpful. My takeaway regarding dependencies listed on CPAN is essentially, as Aristotle eloquently penned..."It’s basically trustworthy, but not completely reliable."

  • Ron Grunwald commented on In defence of OOP

    Hallo lichtkind! I remember the excellent series of articles that you wrote about WxPerl programming and published in the German $foo Magazin. I look forward to reading your series on OOP.

  • lichtkind commented on In defence of OOP

    Hai guys I'm very happy you liked it and you remember me. I'm preparing next part and also fixed typos and will elaborate already published article here and there so please recheck when next part goes public (end of next week probably).

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