I am jumping my Web pages from 2007 to 2022(now).

Hi Everyone, especially Web-Casting Programmers !!

Naturally I encountered various problems. When I moved from an old computer platform Compaq-Evo with Fedora Core 7 (2007 Red Hat LINUX) to a newer Ubuntu and Rocky 9.1 (2022) as Web-Casting, Web codes encounters various errors and weird displays on the screen. I have to fix all the problems one by one. O.K. let me start one question. Will you help me if you have similar experience. In my case this is a big jump from 2007 -> to 2022.

Here is my first question . HELP me !

When I tested PERL script at Rocky 9.1, I needed to have the command "perl" in front of excitable script filename.

[ At Fedora-Core 7 ] $ script.pl [ENTER] -> it runs. Of course, the file script.pl has an executable file permission.

[ At Rocky 9.1 ] $ script.pl [ENTER] -> It didn't run. But,
[ At Rocky 9.1 ] $ perl script.pl [ENTER] -> It runs.

Should I have to call the interpreter "perl" explicitly like the second line always ???
This is all the way my first posting at this blog, so I hope this posting will work to communicating with someone. Thank you !!


First, brew your own Perl. System Perl is for the system. Get on board with cpanm.

#!/usr//bin/env perl in the header solves a lot of problems if perlbrew is set up right.

When you say that "It didn't run", what exactly do you mean? Did you get an error message? Did it fail silently?

This web site isn't a help forum. You'll probably get more help if you post your problem on Reddit or Stack Overflow.

Maybe it's not Perl related.
You can run executables without path only if they are located in one of the $PATH folders. And usually the current folder is not in $PATH.

Try with ./script.pl

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