• Commented on I hate Dist::Zilla and missing Makefile.PL
    Piotr, I have experienced many of the same frustrations with Dist::Zilla as you. Some Dist::Zilla advocates -- including contributors to this thread -- have responded to me just as they did to you in this thread. And I have not...
  • Posted make vs. make -j${TEST_JOBS} to kid51

    Until the past year I never truly appreciated how much faster make will build an executable when you are running on some heavy iron and use the -j option. As a p5p committer I have a shell account on dromedary, a server donated by…

  • Commented on The 2013 White Camels
    I completely missed the call for nominations via MobRater, but the award winners are certainly well-qualified. Welcome to the club, Thiago, Wendy, Liz and Fred! Jim Keenan...
  • Posted New York Perl Hackathon a success! to kid51

    New York Perlmongers held a successful hackathon this past weekend at an event hosted by Rubenstein Tech in lower Manhattan. By our count, at least 24 people participated, coming from as far away as Harrisburg PA and eastern Connecticut.. …

  • Commented on Pumpkin Perl Breakdown
    When I was in social work training I was introduced to the concept of partializing problems, i.e., trying to help someone experiencing multiple, interacting problems cope with them by breaking them down into components which were more solvable on...
  • Posted Let's Have a Distributed Perl Hackathon to kid51

    Q. What is a hackathon?

    A. In the Perl world, it's a meeting, generally of one day's or a weekend's length, where Perl hackers come together in one physical location (primarily) to work collectively on projects which will improve Perl, CPAN and …

  • Commented on So, Kiev 2013
    Go for it, Andrew! Now, if only we could find out where YAPC::NA::2013 will be held ... :-)...
  • Commented on Perl to the rescue: case study of deleting a large directory
    Randal L Schwartz wrote: When I moved from OpenBSD to FreeBSD a year ago .... Have you posted or blogged anywhere why you made that transition? I would be very interested in hearing your reasons? Thank you very much....
  • Commented on YAPC::Europe 2010 - Thoughts Pt 2/3 - Promoting A YAPC
    Re: optimum number of attendees: In his remarks at the "town meeting" which concluded YAPC::NA::2002 in St. Louis, YAPC founder Kevin Lenzo remarked (paraphrase) that 250 to 400 was the best size for a largely volunteer-driven conference like YAPC. Larger...
  • Commented on What would you like TPF to do?
    Gabor: I think the best way to approach what the Perl Foundation -- or any non-profit organization largely sustained by the efforts of volunteers -- should do is to ask a series of questions: What things must it absolutely do?...
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  • Olaf Alders commented on I hate Dist::Zilla and missing Makefile.PL

    I have to echo what Jim Keenan said about the tone of this post. It really is about _how you say it_. This stuff hangs around not only on disk but in human memory. I've seen people who are technically proficient get passed over for job interviews because they don't play well with others online. You're not just putting a message out to the world in general, but to people who could possibly be future co-workers, employers, managers etc. We all have bad days, but "there's more than one way to say it", so it's not a bad strategy to choose your words and your tone wisely.

  • Piotr Roszatycki commented on I hate Dist::Zilla and missing Makefile.PL

    That's why I love your tools. They simply do work and are *user* friendly.

  • Mohawk commented on Pumpkin Perl Breakdown

    From (freenode/#perl6) a few minutes ago (edited to correct spellings):

    20:16 	mohawk 		TimToady: if perl5 were to be re-branded as Camel Perl (subject of course to a conversation with Mr O'Reilly), how would you feel about that?
    20:16 	* TimToady 	thinks it wouldn't make any substantive difference
    20:17 	mohawk 		are you "no strong feelings one way or the other"?
    20:17 	* TimToady 	thinks people …
  • commented on I hate Dist::Zilla and missing Makefile.PL
    install/run/rpm-pack the module. Git copy is not suitable for this. Git copy is only for authoring (yes, and to submit patch).

    If you, as a user, need to install a git snapshot of a project hosted
    at GitHub, you can use for that and you don't
    need to bother about all the plugins. It's not equivalent to "git
    clone", but you get what you want.

    btw, when packaging .deb files, Debian tools expect tarballs too. And if you try …
  • Alceu Rodrigues de Freitas Junior commented on Perl to the rescue: case study of deleting a large directory

    This post is quite old already, but I found it due to a post of mine in the perlmonks website.

    As far as I checked, if you're in Linux, you could use a system call to SYS_getdents with syscall and avoid doing a stat() on the files and get their names to a list (or a text file).

    After that it would be just a matter to call unlink on those names.

    The downside is that I'm still trying to figure out how to use getdents with Perl. :-)

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