New York Perl Hackathon a success!

New York Perlmongers held a successful hackathon this past weekend at an event hosted by Rubenstein Tech in lower Manhattan. By our count, at least 24 people participated, coming from as far away as Harrisburg PA and eastern Connecticut.. Participants ranged from people making their first contributions to Perl-related open source software projects to current and former Perl 5 release managers and pumpkings. Every participant contributed, in part or in whole, to at least one patch to an open source project. When all patches are applied, at least six people will have made their first contributions to the Perl 5 core distribution. Other projects receiving contributions included HTTP::Tiny, Term::Readline::Perl, Module::Metadata and Catalyst, along with more streamlined procedures for creation of .rpm files for CPAN distributions and improvements in PAUSE, the Perl Authors Upload Server.

Special thanks go to Jaron Rubenstein of Rubenstein Tech — they’re hiring! — and the five other Rubenstein staffers who participated in the hackathon.

Like the St Louis Perl Hackathon organized in November of last year, this event was organized around the philosophy of being a distributed hackathon — an event that encouraged the participation of all levels of Perl developers, eschewed elaborate preparations, did not entail a big search for a venue and required minimal out-of-pocket funding. A distributed hackathon is an event which any Perlmongers group anywhere in the world ought to be able to carry off. Any number of participants greater than, say, three counts as a success, particularly if it leads participants to begin making contributions to the Perl ecosphere more consistently.

Where will we hold the next distributed hackathon? Maybe your city! We’ll be happy to help with advice on how to hold one.

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Thanks for posting this recap, Jim. It's good to have reports from groups around the world. It reminds us all that Perl gatherings don't have to just be PM meetings or big conferences.

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