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  • About: CPAN Contributor. Co-editor of Perl Weekly newsletter. Run Perl Weekly Challenge @PerlWChallenge. Father of 3 angels. Indian by birth, British by choice.
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  • laurent_r commented on Perl Weekly Challenge 26: Common Letters and Mean Angles

    Oops, messages are cut off when there is the smaller than symbol in it.

    I try again:

    Yeah, well, I understand what you mean and I mostly agree, Yet, but, strictly speaking, this is true only for x > 0. You have to add or subtract pi when x is negative, and atan2(y, x) is usually defined for x == 0 (at least for values of y other than 0), even though y/x would lead to an exception when x = 0. I chose to give a geometrical interpretation of atan2 (the rectangular coordinates of a point in the plan) in my update to avoid having to deal with all these edge-case difficulties in al…

  • Neil Bowers commented on Monthly Report - November

    I'm happy to hear you're getting more sleep! It was your talk about the work you put into running the Perl weekly challenge that shocked me into sending you that book.

  • varun sharma commented on MooX::Pression — now much faster

    Thanks for sharing such a nice post.

  • JackB commented on AgoraCart "Route 66" Version Released

    I have a similar experience with Perl development. It's hard to watch every new project go to a new language or new framework. A lot of projects I've worked on have gone to Angular. A lot of back-end has gone to Python. It's just discouraging. It feels as though a 20 year wealth of knowledge, experience and code is losing value by the minute.

  • Ryan Thompson commented on Rotation in R^2 - CY's take on PWC#053 Task 1

    I agree with Mohammad. It's great to see you blogging now not once but twice per week, and really putting some thought into your solutions.

    I hope you didn't feel I was too hard on you in Week 049. I really loved the solution.

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