AgoraCart "Route 66" Version Released

AgoraCart, a website shopping cart application built with Perl, was recently released to the public in November 2019. This release marks the first major version release for the f/OSS (free open source software) version of AgoraCart in about a decade.

I have avoided any spotlight in the Perl community after negative experiences early on but at the urging of Gabor Szabo over at, I realized that I should not care if I am not the normal Perl community member/developer. As a result, announcements on Perl type groups was skipped until now. So here's to new beginnings.

I love the flexibility of Perl and hated the feeling that I was giving up on it as other languages rose in popularity and Perl seemed to surrender from the web on its own accord. I restarted development of the new version of AgoraCart during my masters degree coursework, and kept grinding on the development and testing for another 2+ years. This release marks a huge milestone, for AgoraCart and for me personally. I basically gave up on AgoraCart for a few years (motivation to work on it came and went like the changes in the wind after a family tragedy).

More About AgoraCart

For the past 20 years, AgoraCart has targeted shared web hosting users and utilizes a locally loaded module to replace, a pipe flat-file database along with HTML/CSS frameworks like Bootstrap. The "Route 66" version will be the last of the versions using these types of DB files. Version 7, code named "Phoenix", while building upon the work in the "Route 66" version utilizes SQL capabilities for increased data point handling for improved dashboard type snapshots.

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Welcome to the Perl Community and thanks for your contribution.

I have a similar experience with Perl development. It's hard to watch every new project go to a new language or new framework. A lot of projects I've worked on have gone to Angular. A lot of back-end has gone to Python. It's just discouraging. It feels as though a 20 year wealth of knowledge, experience and code is losing value by the minute.

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