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  • About: I'm an ex-particle physicist working as a Perl developer at LiquidWeb. I also do other programmy things. I like the movie The Jerk, and the shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dr. Who.
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    Yeah the numbers themselves are of course suspect. The trend may be meaningful though. Maybe all perl devs have moved to jQuery (lol)
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    Good points, especially about everything declining near the end (like Dr. Feynman said, never trust anything near the edge of a graph). What worries me more is the downward trend in Perl starting before Jan '11. You'd think with Moose...
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    Every once in a while I check out to see how Perl is doing vs. other languages like PHP, Python and Ruby in the job market. There's a worrysome trend lately - I'll let the graph speak for itself.


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