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Every once in a while I check out to see how Perl is doing vs. other languages like PHP, Python and Ruby in the job market. There's a worrysome trend lately - I'll let the graph speak for itself.

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What do you make of this?


Hi Bryan

My first thought was the deteriorating world (inc Australian) economy reducing the # of jobs.

If the data was somehow scaled to take that into account, and still showed a decline, I'd be even more worried...


The other languages seem to have hit a plateau. Perl had a shallower slope to begin with, so instead of going flat, it's now negative. Perl's still at a decent level, on par with PHP and still above Python and Ruby. Maybe the trend will change once it reaches a certain point?

The graph for C++ has ups and downs in almost the same places as the one for Perl:

Same trend for Java, too.

The graphs show the demand side, i.e. number of job openings/offers. To get a better picture (e.g. to gauge whether a language is worth learning for getting jobs), how about graphs showing the supply side, say from

A search on odesk shows 584 for Perl, 883 for Python, 997 for Ruby, and 9191 for PHP. So judging from that numbers, I'd say a Perl programmer is still relatively very high in demand.

I don't think I can take plain numbers of job postings seriously.

Anecdata, but in .ie it is common for recruitment agencies to post fake ads just to get you on the books. I would imagine they use lists like tiobe to cast as wide a net as possible. Some postings may be real, but I was left scratching my head when I was mailed a spec looking for experience with the "agile waterfall"

How is this not illegal? No idea, I think the only laws here governing job postings refer to equality.

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