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  • About: I am a PhD student doing some research about free/open source software communities. I am interested in newcomer experience and the concept of citizenship in FOSS.
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  • Perl 6 Reports commented on Newcomer experience and contributor behavior in Perl and other FOSS communities - Survey

    At the moment Perl 6 is akin to a sub-project with a goal very pertinent to your survey. As Larry Wall said in 2000: "I want Perl 6 to be the community's rewrite of ... the community."

    Things haven't yet (12 years later!) panned out as he hoped. In particular, it's taken longer than the couple years some folk (not Larry!) claimed it would take.

    So the Perl 6 software has continued to mature, and the community vibe has always been very welcoming to all comers, but many vocal Perl 5 users regularly "hate on" Perl 6 because it's late, which kinda kills participation, which makes…

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