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  • Aristotle commented on The ordering operators


    Unfortunately the code has no control over the format of $version because that value comes from an API. So using a single comparison with padded numbers would require extra logic to munge both values to pad them first. And I can’t think of any even remotely concise and simple way of doing that robustly.

    Can you?

    The best I can come up with is along the lines of

    my @curr_ver = split /[.]/, $version;
    my @len = map length, @curr_ver;
    my ( $curr_padded, $min_padded ) = map…

  • Aristotle commented on The ordering operators

    Question is why at that point you wouldn’t just write this:

    sub vcmp0 {
      my ($v1, $v2) = @_;
      my @v1 = split /[.]/, $v1;
      my @v2 = split /[.]/, $v2;
      $v1[0] <=> $v2[0] || $v1[1] <=> $v2[1] || $v1[2] <=> $v2[2];

    Sure it’s a bit copy-pasty but IMO that’s a benefit rather than a drawback in this case.

  • Gnustavo commented on Translating Jenkins with Perl

    Kudos! I took a look at your GitHub repository and found it very polished and well documented. It's sad to see good work being rejected for petty reasons.

    It's difficult to say what you should have done differently. It depends on what you really wanted to achieve after having your work being rejected like that. I'd say, if you could control your feelings and really wanted to have your contribution accepted, you could have listed your arguments dispassionately and leave it at that, keeping your PR open. They are good arguments and perhaps the Jenkins maintainers would reconsider their…

  • Lee J commented on Replay/Debug/Test Cron Events With Cron::Sequencer

    The times are UTC as all our servers (and thus crontabs) run in UTC.

  • Tom Wyant commented on Smart Match in CPAN

    Thank you.

    The short answer is yes, the modules critiqued are most recent as of 6/24. The long answer is a little more complicated, because there are circumstances when more than one distribution can be "current." One such is when a module gets dropped from a distribution. The old distro hangs around because it is the current one for the dropped module.

    I am not subscribed to p5p, which is why this information went to my blog. But it is stupid to just hope someone notices. Thank you for the suggestion; I have sent them mail.

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