Enlarging the Perlosphere

Although they may be an anthema to many, there are many active Perl communities on Facebook. The primary ones I subscribe to are
Perl Programmers

The Perl Community

The Weekly Challenge

The Perl and Raku Conference

Perl Mongers

If you …

Perl Lists - a Partial Taxonomy

Follow-up to Mark Gardner's article about Perl List:: modules.

System Setup for Modern Perl Projects

From 2015, but it came across my screen this morning. Seems like it is still relevant.

System setup for modern perl projects

Perl Mongers, Unite!


pm.org is great for resources, but there's no obvious way to promote your meeting. Not that there needed to be when the meetings were local events, but now, thanks to Covid-19, these meetings are taking place virtually. Why limit yourself to your local members? I am convinced that there are plenty of pockets of …

Perl 5 is now on github

Not sure if this has been posted on here on blogs...