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  • Commented on Why you don't need File::Slurp…
    Would you benchmark this method of slurping, which is what I typically see? my $contents = do { local $/; open my $in, '<', $filename; <$in> }; Might be worth adding to
  • Commented on Perl vs Shell Scripts
    I also use Perl when I need to do anything more than the simplest command-line parsing. Getopt::Long just makes it too easy to give up....
  • Commented on Authors vs. Contributors
    You might also think about whether there is a difference between author and maintainer....
  • Commented on YAPC::NA Surveys - Please Submit Your Responses
    Do you send responses for talk evaluations to the speakers, or just lump it all into the survey reporting on
  • Commented on Exciting updates to MetaCPAN
    Thanks for adding the ability to edit author profile data through the website itself. Does that deprecate the author json files on PAUSE?...
  • Commented on Rethinking smart matching
    chorny - I have the exact same use case :) I think removing the recursion is probably not a good idea. It isn't clear to me that doing so would actually simplify things from the user's perspective or fix any...
  • Commented on Perl code refactoring
    Maybe you're thinking of perltidy?...
  • Commented on Mojo ppl, what have you done?!
    I wonder if CPanel can do perlbrew......
  • Commented on Ouch - Exceptions that don't hurt.
    This is great - I've been looking something to easily make exception objects for a while now, and I haven't particularly liked what I've found. But I do agree that numerical codes are probably not that great. As a design...
  • Commented on Non-functional perl code testing - automated code review
    My pluginbundle only collects testing regimes for which there is already a Dist::Zilla testing plugin. It is probably worth writing new plugins for some of what's mentioned here and including them. Patches welcome :D...
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  • commented on Rethinking smart matching

    You say "time to go the way of pseduohashes." Pseudohashes were removed because they slowed down Perl not because they made the spec too hard for a few simple minds to codify.

  • Olivier Mengué (dolmen) commented on Perl vs Shell Scripts

    About "Processing Job Output Lines":

    run some command | while read line
        process each "$line"
  • Damien "dams" Krotkine commented on Why you don't need File::Slurp&#x2026;

    I like to use this for non production code :)

    my $content = do{local(@ARGV,$/)=$filename;<>};

    I don't think it's useful to benchmark it :)

  • mug896 commented on Perl vs Shell Scripts

    In bash you cant set IFS=$'\n' instead of IFS="

  • antony224466 commented on Perl vs Shell Scripts

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