Exciting updates to MetaCPAN

MetaCPAN went live with the switch over to Catalyst (previously we hadn't been using a framework at all) this morning.

The main aim was to make it easier for people to contribute and also to extend.

An unintended consequence was a significant increase in speed. We've not delved into the details - but the lesson learned is that using something as established and polished as Catalyst really makes a big difference compared to putting something together from scratch.

We've also added an experimental 'Sign In' button - have a play! You can use either Twitter, Facebook, GitHub or PAUSE to log in. Once you have authenticated against PAUSE, you will be able to edit your author's profile page via the front-end.


Thanks for adding the ability to edit author profile data through the website itself. Does that deprecate the author json files on PAUSE?

I agree, response time seems faster.
Glad to hear it (I used to be concerned that it seemed a bit slow), plus a very good endorsement for not reinventing the wheel!

Nice, but why do you run it still from beta.metacpan.org and not from metacpan.org?

I think because they are still breaking it regularly (even if only for short periods of time).

I've tried the PAUSE login twice:

first time (uppercase) I never got the email

second time (lowercase) the link I followed downloaded a json file to my computer (i think instead of actually logging me in).

Oh, it downloads it because the link is to "api.metcpan.org" so that makes sense...

Then trying to log in again does indeed log me in.

So it works... but could use a little polish.

It's looking good, and I haven't had any performance hiccups with yet today.

Good job, and thank you. :)

I'm having similar experience to Randy with uppercase vs. lowercase PAUSE IDs and opened a ticket: https://github.com/CPAN-API/metacpan-web/issues/115


Just a question: how do you monitor your sites performance and create that graph?


It works but was a little confused when presented with a json payload when I followed the link in the email.

Nice work

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