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  • Commented on \r, \n, and ... \R ?
    As in Audrey Tang's PerlIO::eol, I would suggest that instead of always substituting \R with \n, why not allow the user to specify to which platform to substitute: Like Audrey's, allow LF/CR/LFCR/NATIVE (or Unix/Mac/Windows/Native). Default would be LF(Unix) to be...
  • Commented on Perl 6 Types: Made for Humans
    OK, but can you define operators on custom made types? A 'date' type is nice, but if you can't subtract, add and other operators, what good is it?...
  • Commented on Three-value logic in Perl
    NULL might also mean "Not Applicable" such as the "State" address field for Israel. (Hardly big enough to place the country's name...) In fact, in my old Ordain Inc. days (a database machine start-up that never took-off) we listed up...
  • Commented on CPAN modules for generating passwords
    Ho God, I wish many more types would be compared... For example, I assumed that SOMEBODY have created a gooood logger, right? Well, almost or rather too many. Searching (just for "Distributions" mind you) fished out 468 results. How...
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