CPAN modules for generating passwords

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It's probably using /dev/random rather than /dev/urandom for a source. See man 4 random for a description of the differences.

I usually just shell out to `pwgen -1`.

Thanks for sharing, very useful post =)

It's probably worth mentioning that (as you might expect from a module in the App namespace) App::Genpass comes with the genpass application as well.

$ genpass

The problem with that option is that its not always the same platform. Not all platforms will support `pwgen`. Using command line interfaces makes the code highly platform dependent.
It might work in cases where thats not an issue however. :)

This is an excellent post. Thank you!

A funny thing is that just a few days ago I was looking for a random string generator to generate e-mail validation code for a web registration form and the module I found and used was one that you have not even mentioned: String::Random.

Is this because you though it is irrelevant or just because you have not saw that one?
What do you think about that module?

Ho God, I wish many more types would be compared...

For example, I assumed that SOMEBODY have created a gooood logger, right? Well, almost or rather too many. Searching (just for "Distributions" mind you) fished out 468 results.

How can one decide which one to use???

Of course, a comparison must be based on a list of features, to which different people will attach different weights.

Is anybody aware of such a comparison?

And what about GUI packages?

NeilB, thank you for extending your post with the additional modules and in general for writing this up.

The next best thing will be if someone finds a way too hook up this information to MetaCPAN so people searching there will easily see the alternatives. Will be able to read this article and compare the modules according to their needs.

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