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  • Commented on Is This a Hashref Which I See Before Me? (no, wait, it's an arrayref ...)
    I think your sixth option is chromatic's fourth option in his list of five. I agree that it seems to be the best. Apparently this inconsistency doesn't come up in other languages because they don't allow overloading a single "object"...
  • Commented on Kegler spam
    I enjoy seeing Jeffrey's posts. I don't always read them but I'm very happy he's doing his research using perl. I don't consider them spam. I don't consider this post to be spam either, but it could have been more...
  • Commented on Happy Birthday Perl
    Wide character in print at -e line 1....
  • Commented on to say schwern++ is simply too simple
    ++ Thanks for writing your post. This issue is not about making rules or being PC. It's about saying "I'm sorry, I didn't realize that was offensive to you" and then being a little more careful next time because you...
  • Commented on To Be or Not To Be part of the community
    It's good to be raising these issues and making community members aware of them. It's also good to have a respectful discussion about the issues. Maybe what's appropriate by the water cooler is not appropriate in a public forum (duh!)....
  • Commented on Why I'm considering dropping Perlmonks
    Joe, I agree with other commenters that this is not worth leaving perlmonks about. I don't know about the downvoting (I don't pay attention to that), but apart from the OP trying to defend his original post, there were a...
  • Commented on Breaking Glass: Perl on Windows
    Any slides for this? It's a great topic....
  • Commented on Ricardo is pushing for smart match changes.
    You just prompted me to make my first ever post to p5p. I don't actively follow it (thanks, Mark Allen for the summaries!), but I will for a while in case my post draws any replies....
  • Commented on cygwin perl updated from 5.10 to 5.14
    Reini: have you gotten perlbrew to work on cygwin? With the latest install of cygwin (with perl5.14.2), trying to install perl-5.14.2 with the latest perlbrew, I get a hang after ../dist/threads-shared/t/shared_attr.t. This is on WinXP Pro 2002 SP3. BTW, thanks...
  • Commented on A regex for my book
    I believe the regexs for simple_math_term and simple_expressions should be enclosed in "(?: )". If you do that whenever a regex piece consists of more than one atom, the next higher level can use it as if it were an...
  • Commented on $#boo
    The reason: that's the way it is in the shell....
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  • Michał Wojciechowski commented on Happy Birthday Perl

    @:m): Ok, here it goes:

    The "MK__^..." string is the uuencoded bitmap. The second call to unpack uudecodes it, returning a string of bytes, each representing 8 "pixels" of the image. The =~/./g part turns it into a list of bytes (you could also do that using split//), which is then passed as the second argument to map.

    The first argument to map has another call to unpack, which takes each byte and transforms it to a string with its binary representation (e.g. "00101101"), w…

  • Michał Wojciechowski commented on Happy Birthday Perl

    @jrw32982: Your terminal needs to support UTF-8.

  • Joel Berger commented on Happy Birthday Perl

    Very cool, thanks!

  • :m) commented on Happy Birthday Perl

    Thanks for the explanation. :-)
    cool tricks!

  • Sawyer X commented on Kegler spam

    In most programs it's the keyboard button "J", or just click "Next".

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