to say schwern++ is simply too simple

Yeah, another emotional bla and even lengthy - but might be insightful and its not tiring, promise.

Yesterday listened to Schwerns talk on youtube and it triggered some memories of things I wanted talk about over and over again but mostly kept quit. I mean my talk about Perl articles in Wikipedia some years ago that was largely motivated by the dysfunctional community there and how prevent this in Perl realm - but the actual talk was mainly about Perl, presenting Perl, writing wiki texts and how to get along inside Wikipedia.

Seriously. nothing made me so angry in decades as how I was treated in wp. But after years of reflection i see the cause in inabilities on both sides. What happened? Many things. But the icing was an incident where I wanted to establish a list of major figures in the field of esotericism. It was trolled even by people I considered friends with entries like Easter Bunny and Santa Claus. On perlmonks I had something experienced something little bit in that direction when we discussed the case about the UFO-hacker who used a little Perl script. I just offered the viewpoint of the recent UFO literature and community since I supposed most people here are not accustomed with that. Just to make clear with what information background this guy might acted. I was massively downvoted. I would not bitch about that but i felt disconnected. But honestly there are a lot of things make feel disconnected to Perl and programming people in general which brings the very loaded topic of faith.

Larry is a christian and never was silent about that, good. In the eyes of some very loud radical atheist I'm a moron - fine that's consistent with their believe system. I don't even feel an urge to challenge that because all the good arguments are out there and they would listen if they choose to. And I know that mental growth is the order of business. The only reason I raised that topic (beside sometimes to exchange about real interesting stuff) is to lift stress: "here look I'm perfectly normal, even if i believe in pink elephants". I think that's what really Schwerns talk was about and to do a simple ++ wouldn't cut it. We have to see the human first, opinions second.

Political correctness makes me wanna puke, I'm especially not fond of gender mainstreaming and find its blind theorization like most other contemporary philosophies. But i love to be nice to people. That's is the line I also to drew when we had that case tinita already wrote here about it. Which touched me double time - secondly me as a moderator in the largest Perl forum. I really don't like to make a heavy problem out of it because life supposed to be fun. But it takes a huge amount of concentration to be fair in cases someone feels insulted because most of the time both sides are right and wrong at the same time. We constantly start new wars if we declare someone right and someone else wrong (that's the sane part of postmodern relativism). And such an incident is never the root cause of feeling hurt - consult some serious literature about that. If you like victimisation, blaming and such - politics is your arena. In the end all of us want mostly the same and its not even that different. and the only value all this discussion can have is when we just remember how diverse we're truly are and that beauty lies in that. I mean There is more than one point of view or something like that. I don't believe much in rules regulations and things that might to lead to less freedom. lao tzu already wrote there are signs of decay. Nevertheless trolls need, like any other infants, strict boundaries set by their parents. To show up in a relaxed way, help if possible the angry person to refine their statement but make clear that there is a better way to putting it and that its no accepted norm here is like community gardening.

But I believe the most potent thing is to release fear of the different "Other" and to find unexpected friends.

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++ Thanks for writing your post.

This issue is not about making rules or being PC. It's about saying "I'm sorry, I didn't realize that was offensive to you" and then being a little more careful next time because you value the other person being in your community.

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