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  • Commented on Stealing from Python
    @Jack Maney: How is that solution different from grep? Perl's smartmatch operator *is* its "in" operator (given a scalar-array comparison). To want for a Pythonic "in" is to want for Python's type system in place of Perl's: >>> 1 in...
  • Commented on Explaining Web Programming via Plack
    "Plack is intended to be a platform one builds on, not uses directly": Perhaps not, or perhaps it is easy and effective to use directly despite the original intent. Direct use of Plack might be thought of opting for a...
  • Commented on I was called "fucking asshole"
    That's not the commmunity; that's Marc Lehmann. He's more notable for being a consummate jerk than for any of his actual work....
  • Commented on True + True == 2
    Not to mention that doesn't even short-circuit. Oi....
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  • Ben Bullock commented on I was called "fucking asshole"

    Sorry the code was swallowed by the comments, here it is:

  • schmorp commented on I was called "fucking asshole"

    > Whether or not any of the technical realities you say are true, none of that gives you the right to continually be an awful person to anyone who happens to stumble on your RT queue and genuinely try to help fix your problem in the most obvious way possible.

    I fully agree, thats one reasonw hy I am not an awful person to anybody who genuinely tries to "fix" my problem.

    However, I detect an obvious troll when I see one, and by now, it's quite obvious that all kmx intends to is to stir dissent.

    Nobody who wants to "genuinely" help me in any way ignores what I tell them…

  • schmorp commented on I was called "fucking asshole"

    > Marc. Really, we're just trying to help. I know we probably seem like a bunch of whiney retards to you some ( most? ) days

    The problem is not people who seem to be whiney retards, the problem is the whiney trolls that play you successfully.

    What you basically ask for is to feed the trolls endlessly - they play you, you play the polite game, it never ends.

    I don't care if others do that, but I won't. When an asshole like kmx comes along and obviously only wants to make trouble and waste time that could be used for more useful things (like helping *genuine* users), th…

  • schmorp commented on I was called "fucking asshole"

    Your code of course doesn't even come close to whats needed. Posting some incomplete code that doesn't even remotely come near to a solution and proclaiming that it is easy is very naive.

    Besides, the extra work is not the only problem with this approach.

  • Caleb Cushing ( xenoterracide ) commented on Stealing from Python

    I think I would also like to be able to do

    if keys %hash in @array

    meaning if any key in in the hash matches an element of the array..., I currently find that hard to express, or at least hard to remember how to express.

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