True + True == 2

I've seen lots of new Perl programmers confuse 1 and true before, usually something like this:

do_something if boolean_function() == 1;

This is not only redundant, but it's also brittle and redundant. In Perl, it's very easy for a boolean function to return something other than one.

sub has_stuff {
    return scalar @stuff;

This code I found today in Module::Build::Base takes the cake.

if ( $self->check_prereq + $self->check_autofeatures != 2) {

(Yes, I fixed it)

UPDATE: Whoops, I broke it! As rsimões pointed out in the comments, the original does not short circuit and my change does. That was not a bug, both check routines should always run (a consequence of the checks having side effects). I had to think about it a bit, and the simplest thing I came up with is:

if( grep { !$_ } $self->check_prereq, $self->check_autofeatures ) {

Which goes to show, and I should have known this myself, don't assume the author is an idiot. There's usually a reason why they did what they did. Find it before touching the code.


Not to mention that doesn't even short-circuit. Oi.

Maybe it's supposed to be that way? The "!= 2" code ensures that both subroutines run, which you may actually want? Although if your "check_*" methods have required side-effects you have a whole other host of problems :-)

Possibly. The only side-effect seems to be output to the user. My question would be why isn't check_autofeatures just part of check_prereq? That would have made more sense in the first place…

A good reason why, if you write something slightly unusual or not immediately obvious, it can be beneficial to leave a brief comment explaining why you did it that way :)

The first thing that came into my mind when I read this: Wow, can't believe the great Schwern fell for that. So another lesson: don't assume a prominent hacker is not an idiot sometimes :) (I'm an idiot too, BTW :).

Also, as a comment on Reddit already noted, this can be made a bit safer by using the double unary trick: if (!!a + !!b == 2) ...

(I'm reminiscing the Turbo Pascal 4/5 days when circuiting behaviour can be set via a compiler option.)

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