• Commented on Perl5 to Perl6 conversion a la Perl::Critic
    The front page is regenerated statically every few minutes....
  • Commented on PDL features I'd like to see in Perl 6
    I think the new refaliasing feature (experimental in 5.22) will allow you to alias slices like so: \( @slice[ 0 .. 4 ] ) = \( @data[ 2, 3, 5, 7, 11 ] ); Obviously it’s ugly to have to...
  • Posted Running plenv 𝘢𝘯𝘥 perlbrew to Aristotle

    So I just went to investigate switching from perlbrew to plenv.

    This has failed before, because I run an old and grungy installation of Perl where I didn’t set up a local lib and just installed whatever wi…

  • Posted Plack::Middleware::SignedCookies to Aristotle

    I released Plack::Middleware::SignedCookies some time ago because I went looking for it and came up empty. This is a middleware that signs outgoing cookies on the server with a HMAC digest and verifies the digest on incoming…

  • Commented on Brian McCauley (1967-2015)
  • Commented on QA Hackathon 2015 (Berlin)
    Please don’t use Module::CoreList::TieHashDelta… for anything. It is a terrible design with terrible performance. You will not get much code reuse out of Perl::ReleaseInfo (that’s what I named the new module). That is on purpose, to avoid exposing the internal...
  • Posted QA Hackathon 2015 (Berlin) to Aristotle

    I was at the QA Hackathon in Berlin this year.

    Everyone else writing about it has an introductory section about what it is, so I needn’t concern myself with one… as well w…

  • Commented on Wanna Getta Drink (in Veure)?
    [% PROCESS area/wrapper %]...
  • Commented on Huh. Multiple beginning-of-line anchors work
    I would have been surprised if it didn’t work that way....
  • Commented on Fun with logical expressions
  • Commented on Fake Amazon Book Reviews Are Hurting My Book
    Amazon files first-ever suit over fake product reviews, alleging sites sold fraudulent praise...
  • Commented on RFC: Limiting grant duration
    Just thinking about it, I kinda feel 'three times the proposed timeframe' is way too generous. I would think if a grant has produced nothing within the originally scoped timeframe that there needs to be some sort of vote or...
  • Commented on RFC: Limiting grant duration
    None of the failed grants ran less than a year, but all of the successful grants did. A one-year limit makes the most sense on that basis. Some overoptimistic estimates were seriously missed, but the grants succeeded anyway and I’d...
  • Commented on Today’s bit of black perl
    Yes, I’m sure no one is really surprised at this. Everyone knows that the invocant is passed as the first argument of course, and almost everyone knows that elements in @_ are aliased. But on the caller end, syntactically, the...
  • Posted Today’s bit of black perl to Aristotle
    use 5.010;
        package F;
        sub new { bless {}, shift }
        sub me { $_[0] = 'surprise!' }
    my $f = F->new;
    say $f;
    say $f;




  • Commented on Can you provide an x/y Point class in other languages?
    Thanks for giving me a vain motivation to finally finish designing and write Object::Properties, which I’ll be releasing to CPAN shortly. :-) package Point { use Object::Properties '+x' => \&_check, '+y' => \&_check; use overload '""' => \&Str, fallback =>...
  • Posted Serializers for Perl: when to use what to Aristotle

    This is a moderately edited (primarily rearranged) version of a comment on the Perl 5 issue…

  • Commented on A survery of gettext and I18N resources
    Well, what exactly might make you think Maketext’s design would have gotten better?...
  • Commented on CPAN Cleaning Day 2457027: Changes and README
    kentnl++ just turned my README wishlist (/ IRC kvetching) into code: Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Readme::Brief. An example of its output is the plugin’s own README....
  • Commented on Speaker for the dead
    Ah,Old code should not die, but instead be placed in suspended animation for youngsters to point and laugh.… a kindred spirit....
  • Posted Is Perl dead? to Aristotle

    Or just deader than Ruby?

    (Does this constitute a Ruby-o-meter++? Can it increment in reverse?)

  • Posted Speaker for the dead to Aristotle

    I just retired one of my modules. I want to make a note here of the preservational ritual I followed, to invite others to consider doing the same:

  • Commented on Git-Like Menus
    One tweak though: Yes I forgot. definitely cleverer than mine Too clever, when I look at it again; excuse my moment of fogginess. Obviously it should be my $saved_premenu = $premenu; { $premenu->() if $premenu; $premenu = $saved_premenu; Then the...
  • Commented on A small puzzle for you
    I believe it takes linear time in the length of the inputs, while they take order (n log n).That would be nice if this were C, but it’s Perl. So the algorithm may be linear, but due to huge amounts...
  • Commented on A small puzzle for you
    my ( $i, %index ) = 0; $index{ $_ } //= $i++ for @a, @b, @c; for ( \( @a, @b, @c ) ) { my @rearranged; @rearranged[ @index{ @$_ } ] = @$_; $#rearranged = keys %index; @$_ =...
  • Commented on Git-Like Menus
    Comments later maybe. Some long lines cut off, copy-paste to read it. Only functional difference: help is not optional. func mini_menu ($prompt, ArrayRef $choices, CodeRef :$premenu, :$delim = ',') { state %keynames = ( ' ' => 'SPACE', "\n" =>...
  • Posted Buftabline – forget Vim tabs, now you can have buffer tabs to Aristotle

    I just released Buftabline, a Vim plugin that takes over the tabline and renders the buffer…

  • Commented on We are all Perl's ambassadors...
    I wonder how many My guess is few. Every single one of these cases is lamentable, so the fact that there are relatively few is no great solace, but I do not see signs of an epidemic of chasing novices...
  • Posted Tonight’s folly to Aristotle

    I just realised that since the addition of /r, you can now write s!!!regex. Or s!!!regexp if you prefer.

  • Commented on Test::More has lots of crazy new development that's breaking my modules
    CPAN Testers isn’t about assigning blame. It’s about finding bugs. But the PASS/FAIL stats get shown as PASS/FAIL in Business::ISBN, not in Test::More. You could still make a strained argument that they do belong to Business::ISBN, but they clearly aren’t...
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  • welcome.mahesh commented on A Simple Mojolicious/DBI Example

    Wonderful. I am looking for Mojolicious Application Example to understand it. This is so helpful :)

    Thanks to aristotle for his very very valuable points for a new bie.

  • Ovid commented on Wanna Getta Drink (in Veure)?

    D'oh! Thanks Aristotle :)

  • Abigail commented on Brian McCauley (1967-2015)

    This is very sad news. Please pass my regards to Sam.

  • Aaron Crane commented on Brian McCauley (1967-2015)

    I'm extremely sorry to hear that; I always thought Brian was a genuinely lovely person. Please pass on my sincere condolences to Sam.

  • therflabs commented on PDL features I'd like to see in Perl 6

    Call me crazy, but I had a freelance gig converting Python numpy/scipy to Perl PDL... And barely knowing Python it was a lot easier to understand than PDL.

    I can see why numpy/scipy has gained a lot of traction.

    I'd like to see P6 PDL to be like numpy/scipy to ease crossover to Perl 6 and lower the entry level for beginners. In my opinion usability and clear documentation for the non-math scholar has hurt what PDL could have been and could be a lesson for PDL Perl 6.

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