Mojocast #4: Stash, Flash, and Sessions

It's Mojocast Monday, kids, which means a brand new Mojocast for your perusing pleasure.

Continuing to demonstrate Mojolicious::Lite, the Mojocasts are moving through Mojolicious basics, so newcomers can get up and running more quickly than ever (And dare I say it, have fun at the same time. *gasp*).

As the screencasts continue, you can bet your sweet ponycorn we'll be covering some of the more cutting-edge features, such as web-sockets and event-driven web apps.

For now, however, we have another installment to make sure those old and new can get started quickly with Perl web development, without a lot of fuss.

Mojocast #4: Stash, Flash, and Sessions

Keep in mind - the shortcuts link to specific times in the screencast, so you can share/bookmark specific topics.

Thank you to @kure_ji_neko and elb0w for agreeing to host the Mojocast video files. We can all feel that much more hip by using HTML5 video instead of flash.


Domain '' is for sale. Does site moved to somewhere else?

This entry was posted in 2011. As early as 2013 the site was redirecting to some post on Google Plus (remember that thing?) which has since been lost, and unsurprisingly the domain was for sale half a year later. I was going to say that your chances of finding any remnants of the content look less than promising.

To my astonishment, doing the minimum-effort thing of googling for [mojocast perl] does turn up an collection containing a sparse few of its episodes:

That is probably the best you can hope for.

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