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  • Commented on Perl 5 Porters Weekly: October 29-November 4, 2012
    Another Inkster turd......
  • Commented on Why my()?
    educated_foo, i thought you had already dealt with the problem as mentioned in your own blog post:
  • Commented on Why my()?
    i also think it's spamming. the yapc has it's own site and blog. posts should only be going there and people can subscribe if they're interested. crossposting has historically been considered bad etiquette....
  • Commented on Hidden unhelpful reviews on
    I think the unhelpful reviews become expandable only when there are also helpful reviews present....
  • Commented on Announcing: PerlGSL - A Collection of Perlish Interfaces to the Gnu Scientific Library
    Too bad PerlGSL is a very unperlish-sounding module. This modified advice from “On The Naming of Modules” [1] is apropos: “Your module is Perl related? No kidding? Don’t waste space in your name telling people what they already know. If...
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  • Flavio Poletti commented on Why my()?

    I thought that in school they teached how to behave as well. Trying to bend this blogging platform to show only "approved" (by who?) Perl content does not seem to show particular skills in this sense, lest the bad habit of putting a person's name in quotes when referring to him (which in some other direction seems to go along the same line of trying to superimpose one's keyhole view of the world to the world, as whole).

    While I'll not be able to attend YAPC::NA and I always have to skip JT's posts, I think that it is pretty clear of the unvaluable service he's providing to the Perl c…

  • Leo Susanto commented on Why my()?

    the proper response to "stop JT spamming while he is promoting YAPC": Are you thick?

  • Sawyer X commented on Why my()?

    "This JT Smith character"? "He's annoying and useless"?

    "This JT Smith character" is a devoted Perl programmer that didn't just create awesome highly-successful Perl projects, he's also a true visionary and knows both his material and how to get it across.

    He's a great guy, and he does great things. You should quit thinking you're all that and have some respect for people who've done way more for Perl (both the language and the community) than any of us did.

    and to JT: fuck that. For the record, the way you shine the spotlight on YAPC::NA has been the main reason I'm …

  • JT Smith commented on Why my()?

    I appreciate all the words of encouragement from everyone. Thanks.

  • Steven Haryanto commented on Why my()?

    Perhaps if the subject of these blog posts were indicated with prefix like "YAPC::NA" or "YAPC upcoming talk", there would be less rioting. Particularly when browsing from mobile phone, some RSS reader only shows the subject and without any indication one might guess that "Why my()?" and a hundred+ other similar posts contain actual articles about the subject.

    Unless the intention is to "trick" readers into thinking that. In which case I have nothing to say.

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