Hidden unhelpful reviews on cpanratings.org

I noticed that on the module review pages linked from search.cpan.org and metacpan.org that 'unhelpful' reviews are inaccessible. The text is contained in a div as such:

< div data-dist="module_name" id="show_unhelpful">

3 hidden unhelpful reviews

< /div>

Does anyone know if that link is expected to expand and show the unhelpful review text? I'm always interested in opinions of others, whether they be good, bad, or ugly.


It seems it only works if you are logged in (and have Javascript enabled).
But sometimes this still doesn't work, for example here:
It doesn't expand for me, while others do. (Opera 11 on linux)

It's while ago when I saw this first and didn't know who to contact, but meanwhile there is a link to github, and there's already a bug reported:

I think the unhelpful reviews become expandable only when there are also helpful reviews present.

I am happy for unhelpful reviews to be hidden.

This isn't stopping constructively critical reviews - they may still be helpful. I just don't want to see the unconstructive, unhelpful comments that plague the net.

If you hide the "unhelpful" reviews, you also hide the unpopular ones. Sorry, but you have to take the good with the bad on the Internet.

I don't think it's a mere "take all or none", "good with bad", "sweet and sour" kind of thing. Yes, I'm aware that "sweet" and "sour" are not opposites, it's an expression.

Some comments are simply pointless while others divert from any value or mislead completely. Relevance is of the essence.

For example, a comment regarding the first version of a module, from which all issues were addressed to the satisfaction of the commenter cannot be removed. It needs to be noted as "unhelpful" because it is simply that: no longer helpful.

A comment talking trash without any value (or simply decreasing the mark in order to piss on the author - both things which happened more than once on CPANRatings) deserve to be marked aside as unhelpful, because they're not trying to help you.

A comment of someone trying to pose as another programmer to trash a module (which has happened, again) is NOT helpful.

LOL. So a few cranks' organized downvotes count as judgement?

Why do you have to act some dismissive? I don't get your gain from this.

Yes, in my opinion, organized downvoted aren't very helpful when they come out of spite.

You don't have to give a "LOL" in order to ask for my opinion, I'll gladly tell you what it is. :)

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