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  • Commented on Comparing YUI - Dojo - Ext JS - jQuery
    Ya Ron, ExtJS is real tough. Hey look, a grid with the following features, in 50 lines: sortable (and reverse), editable, groupable, draggable columns, hideable columns, resizable columns and it works in IE6+ and FF, Chrome, Safari, and probably even...
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  • Ron Savage commented on Comparing YUI - Dojo - Ext JS - jQuery

    Hi Buster

    Welllll, there's a limit on how many APIs I want to learn.

    And, I think you start off as an expert (to some degree) in Ext JS. It makes no sense to compare your productivity with what an absolute beginner at Ext JS (i.e. me) has to struggle with.

    The aim of the comparisons, no matter how far short I fell, was to present these libs from the point of view of a noobie.

    But, as I said, YMMV.


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