Comparing YUI - Dojo - Ext JS - jQuery

Hi Folks

After spending a lot of fragmented time over the last 7-8 weeks, I've finally finished my 2nd comparison of JS libs. I can no longer find the first on the old blogs site, but by now I don't think it matters.

This one is in HTML because the original is in POD, and that gives me a much easier time of it in the proof-reading phase.



Hi Ron,
That's a nice comparison and gives a good overview . I have started using backbone.js with underscore.js, which I am beginning to like a lot.

Did you consider Apache Flex at all?

Flex works very nicely with a Dancer based services.

ExtJS is pretty funky and looks pretty by lacks documentation big time.

Have you looked at mootools ? Wikipedia claims its the second most popular only, and i was able to whip up some fancy effects with less pain (and cpu) than with jQuery.

Ya Ron, ExtJS is real tough.

Hey look, a grid with the following features, in 50 lines:

sortable (and reverse),
draggable columns,
hideable columns,
resizable columns

and it works in IE6+ and FF, Chrome, Safari, and probably even Lynx.

This took me 29 seconds to create.

Maybe try a bit harder before you're so dismissive? JQuery doesn't even have its own grid. You get to learn YET ANOTHER API.

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