• Commented on Looking at DBI Part 7, Batch Fetching
    Why "use vars" rather than my or our?...
  • Commented on Looking at DBI Part 6, More Data Fetching
    I'd not seen the way of using placeholders like that before, rather than plain '?'. But why 'use vars' - seems like too much pre 5.6 chicanery. Some thing else to be deprecated in perl I think.......
  • Commented on perl live coding
    Genius! A bit of voiceover might have helped as I was squinting to keep up, but that was inspirational....
  • Commented on What's wrong with CPAN?
    One thing is that module owners should be able and encouraged to deprecate their own modules. There are quite a few examples where a module is flavour of the month for a while, and then superseded by a subtly better...
  • Commented on Precedence parsing made simpler
    Did marpa really use 8GB of memory in that paper, or did I missread table 3?...
  • Commented on Experienced Perl Developer sought by Lokku Ltd (Nestoria)
    Well, if you're going to post a perl jobs postings where it shouldn't go, then I guess we're allowed to discuss it? Why does perl in Central London pay so little? And this is a senior role! (involves mentoring) Outside...
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  • Duncan commented on What's wrong with CPAN?

    There are quite a lot of modules on CPAN which are over ten years old and which haven't seen an update in that time. That doesn't mean that they need an update, but it does show that the timelines are quite long.

    I think it would be worth adding a heartbeat function. Every user who maintains at least one module should get an email once per year asking them to confirm their details. (That's one per author per year, not one per author per module per year.)

    If they fail to reply for five years then they should be removed from the list of maintainers of their modules. Any modules…

  • awwaiid (Brock Wilcox) commented on perl live coding

    This is very cool!

  • Steven Haryanto commented on perl live coding

    Is the video running at real time speed? You sure are fast!

  • vividsnow commented on perl live coding

    Not real time of course - this is condensed version, because it is boring to watch chars appearing one by one )

  • byterock commented on Looking at DBI Part 7, Batch Fetching

    Nothing special.

    Code was from an old example I had lying about.

    Could change it to

    my ($dbh,$sth);

    'use vars'

    was a way to make something global in a script before we had


    if memory serves me correctly.

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