On prototyping in public ...

I really need to expand on this a little more, but for now this can serve as a status update on p5-mop.

mst: so, is -redux now "the last prototype" and p5-mop-XS "the current hopefully-not-just-a-prototype" ?
stevan: hehe
stevan: so here is the official line
stevan: p5-mop was the first (overly ambitious) prototype in which I ignored Perl and went my own way
stevan: Moe was my (somewhat childish) reaction to that not working
stevan: p5-mop-redux was me getting my head out of my ass to realize that I needed to bring my design closer to how Perl does things internally, ... without actually knowing shit about the internals
stevan: p5-mop-XS is me spending 6 months learning C and the Perl internals and now trying to write something that is actually designed from the ground up to be put in core stevan: also, not sure if you've heard, but i am leaving Infinity and starting at Booking this summer
stevan: hmm, perhaps that deserves a blog post (the p5-mop stuff, not my job stuff)
stevan: also, the plan with p5-mop-XS is to write a really REALLY low level C api (what you see there now) then put a thin OO meta layer on top of it (think https://github.com/stevan/p5-mop-XS/blob/master/t/001-basic/100-theoretical-bootstrap.t but written in XS)
stevan: and after all that, make an optional syntax layer ... so in theory I could write a Moose style front end for this fairly easily
stevan: anyway, need to get dinner ready

Anyway, obviously I will be really (no, like REALLY) busy over the next few months, but I am finally starting to feel like I have a good foundation going here (famous last words, I know).


Great news, but would you reconsider Ron's comment from over a year ago, and do this fulltime with funding?

Given the high level of interest in this, I'm sure you'd be able to get crowdsourced funding to cover a very reasonable interlude between leaving Infinity and starting at Booking to further your efforts.

Thanks for the update Stevan!

I was wondering just yesterday what the status was of your attempt to add a mop to the Perl 5 core. The only question I have is--what's the earliest version of Perl that could possibly have it? I was thinking that 5.22 would be it, but now it seems like we may have to wait a while longer. True?

And congratulations on your new job at Booking! I hope it is fun and rewarding!

If I were considering porting a module to mop, what would be the best way of going about that?

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