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  • Steven Haryanto commented on Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby Job Trends on

    The graphs show the demand side, i.e. number of job openings/offers. To get a better picture (e.g. to gauge whether a language is worth learning for getting jobs), how about graphs showing the supply side, say from

    A search on odesk shows 584 for Perl, 883 for Python, 997 for Ruby, and 9191 for PHP. So judging from that numbers, I'd say a Perl programmer is still relatively very high in demand.

  • fuzzix commented on Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby Job Trends on

    I don't think I can take plain numbers of job postings seriously.

    Anecdata, but in .ie it is common for recruitment agencies to post fake ads just to get you on the books. I would imagine they use lists like tiobe to cast as wide a net as possible. Some postings may be real, but I was left scratching my head when I was mailed a spec looking for experience with the "agile waterfall"

    How is this not illegal? No idea, I think the only laws here governing job postings refer to equality.

  • Bryan Gmyrek commented on Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby Job Trends on

    Yeah the numbers themselves are of course suspect. The trend may be meaningful though. Maybe all perl devs have moved to jQuery (lol)

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