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    We're having a hackathon on Net::AMQP::RabbitMQ on Oct 11th, if anyone is interested there's a whole bunch of tickets and I'm sure it would count towards Hacktoberfest! It is an XS module, but there's not just XS work to...
  • Commented on cperl-5.22.1 released
    Looks very interesting. how do you plan on versioning? e.g. if it's based on perl-5.22.1, and you release cperl-5.22.1, but then need to make fixes etc, would it be cperl- Also is it stable/production ready? I've not had a chance...
  • Commented on File::Slurp is broken and wrong
    +1 for Path::Tiny...
  • Commented on Please don't use ::Tiny unless it meets the ::Tiny criteria, thanks!
    you're not the cpan police...
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  • Commented on Arrow Operator Shenanigans
    i saw that and thought, makes sense. then i wondered why i'd never thought of it....
  • Commented on Idea: perl community homepage
    I'm in. I can't do much at the moment becuase I'm finishing off 2 years of backpacking, but around june that'll be over so I can help out. I can do coding or hosting or both, terrible at design though!...
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  • Robert Rothenberg commented on File::Slurp is broken and wrong

    it's not particularly relevant to slurping as the handle won't be shared between threads.

    It doesn't matter if the filehandle is shared. Just calling binmode will lead to a segfault.

  • plenum commented on File::Slurp is broken and wrong

    Why slurp at all?

    Before slurping I ask myself why. Not what module or how.

    • Do I actually know the possible file size? Many times processing large files I have broken modules (and needeed to replace them) because they use slurping which do not scale to large files (Megabyte to gigabyte plus).

    • Am I applying premature optimisation? In my testing the increase in speed (if any!) was outweighed by needing to take into account encodings and binmode issues - pretty much the issues described here. Just using the native methods might be better.

  • Reini Urban commented on cperl-5.22.1 released

    Versioning is close to perl5 proper.

    Stability/Production ready? It fixes some perl5 issues, but is not as much tested as perl5. I would wait one or two months. We don't use it in production yet. It's an early development stage, though master is stable for quite some time.

    > stuff written for cperl won't work the same in normal perl,

    Yes, that's why I went with …

  • William Lindley commented on cperl-5.22.1 released

    Good stuff. What would be required to have cperl versions available via perlbrew?

  • commented on cperl-5.22.1 released

    perlbrew needs to remove some strings and regexes concerning the dist tarball name in order to support differently named Perl variants, as of now the string "perl" is hardcoded all over. Run perlbrew download and start debugging from there.

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