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One of my problems related to Perl is that I'm not aware of a lot of things going on in the perl world, and there isn't a single place I can go to try and keep up. I suspect I'm not the only one. This post outlines an idea for a "perl community home page", where you could go to "keep up". I've whipped up a prototype, which is just a static page with a mashup of various feeds and static data.

I think we need a single place which aggregates all sorts of information from around the Perl world, provides an index to the online perl world, and just as importantly that crowd-sources information from members of the Perl community. This would be useful not just for existing perl users, but for those just starting out, and people outside looking in. Last night I hacked up a prototype — a static page generated by a big hacky script:


This would be a "front page for the perl community". It has feeds from a range of Perl sites, and data that would be provided by users: details of your perl blog, talks you've given, perl sites not currently listed.

This is kind of a mashup of, metacpan and perlmonks. As MetaCPAN is to CPAN, I think this could be to Perl: MetaPerl. It could even be the front page to MetaCPAN, and MetaCPAN already provides some of the information needed, but I don't think it fits within MetaCPAN's mission. Olaf? To be honest, I think is the most appropriate place for this.

It's an idea and an experimental prototype, so it's not on CPAN, it's on github :-)

The perl sites, blogs, events, and talks are all just JSON lists, if you want to add things that are missing.

At the moment I'm going with for the name, or perhaps



I think something like this should be the front page to the, actually.

I think this is probably a bit beyond the scope of as it stands right now, but it's a perfect use case for the MetaCPAN API. I'd like to see this get done and am happy to help where I can. I also have to agree with Vyacheslav that this would be great for

As a Perl Newbie I think this is excellent, it is already being of use to me. Thanks for your work.

Looks good. Could also use a field for videos, and please link to prominently in your doc/tutorial section. :)

Yes, let's link to that. Smiley face. and the perl5-porters archive are probably enough, though the Perl equivalent of could add some flavor.

I'm in. I can't do much at the moment becuase I'm finishing off 2 years of backpacking, but around june that'll be over so I can help out. I can do coding or hosting or both, terrible at design though! Let me know if that's any use!

A great idea! Have you considered using ? It isn't actively developed anymore but it still works. The nice thing is it is very pluggable. So any sites that don't have an RSS feed, you can write a custom fetcher plugin.

Your current talks section links to slideshare mostly, and i find that the people who care about simple talk slides are usually an entirely different set than those who care about videos. Thus, it'd probably help to have separate sections for both. Also, yeah, there are other kinds too, see the mojocasts for example. :)

New to Perl and it looks great! Thanks!

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