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  • Commented on Classify your RT tickets on CPAN Day!
    Awesome! Thank you. -- David "satisfied for now" Golden...
  • Commented on Fix a bug on CPAN Day
    Breaking this down by severity would be more informative. For example, Module::Build has mostly "wishlist" and "unimportant" severity items. Even just excluding "wishlist" tickets would be a more useful "count"....
  • Commented on Let's top
    Or scan through this list of trending developers and follow anyone you recognize:
  • Commented on Let's delete 10,000 files from CPAN
    2112 scheduled for deletion, thanks to rjbs' tool...
  • Commented on HTTP::Tiny::SPDY - A Subclass of HTTP::Tiny with SPDY Support
    I'm trying to collect HTTP::Tiny extensions into HTTP::Tiny::UA. Would you be willing to contribute it there instead?...
  • Commented on A convention for Changes files
    As I've said elsewhere the only general spec I would support is this: First line: Version flush left, followed by whitespace, followed by human readable date (subsequent text optional) Subsequent lines: whitespace-indented text or whitespace-only lines If people want to...
  • Commented on Breaking users of old versions of a module
    VERSION would be called before import, so you can flag whether it was or not: package Foo; our $VERSION = 1; my $checked_version; sub VERSION { my $self = shift; $checked_version = 1; $self->SUPER::VERSION(@_); # or do your own minimum...
  • Commented on Crowdsourcing self-confidence
    Peter, whether it's volunteer or not doesn't matter. Either you're in charge or your not. It sounds like you are. So, fix the management parts of the project in the way that you want. That's what being BDFL means. Rule...
  • Commented on Crowdsourcing self-confidence
    How much do you care? If you don't care, then just walk away and let the project stall. (C.f. Module::Build) If you care, then fix the project. I think you have the moral authority given the amount of work you've...
  • Commented on p5-MOP syntax improvements
    If you're just prototyping, I wonder if source filters would let you be more experimental with less effort....
  • Commented on Unicode is 20++ years old and still a problem
    How is File::Find supposed to know how file names are encoded on your particular filesystem? (Hint: not all filesystems store names as UTF-8 Unicode.) That said, I don't see what Text::CSV::Slurp is doing to filenames that would cause a problem....
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  • Dana Jacobsen commented on Classify your RT tickets on CPAN Day!

    First a big thanks for all this blogging. I think it is fantastic that you're doing this!

    Math::Pari probably needs a co-maintainer with lots of time. So far I don't think anyone qualified has wanted to step up. It's a lot of work. On the plus side, the RT situation isn't quite so bad -- it would look a lot better with some pruning of duplicates and closing of fixed issues. There are a lot of issues that look like they're fixed but just haven't been closed.

    This leads to the digression of how it would be nice to wean the remainder of the Perl crypto modules off of Math:…

  • Ether commented on Classify your RT tickets on CPAN Day!

    This is, IMO, a problem with a lot of distributions...

  • zaki commented on Let's top

    Kent, looks like you didn't make it this month. The follower cutoff got bumped up to 296.

    I agree that fixing the follower limitation is a better approach. Or even creating a reputation-like measure (people that contribute more count more?)

  • Olivier Mengué (dolmen) commented on Classify your RT tickets on CPAN Day!

    Yes, there's a post somewhere about that ("Maintainer's notes on").

  • Mohawk commented on Classify your RT tickets on CPAN Day!

    Would it be an interesting way to engage people's competitiveness in having a separate "RT weekend", so that the score being kept is how many RT (or github, or...) tickets get marked as resolved?

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