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  • Commented on Reply to David Golden "Comparison of Class::Tiny and Object::Simple"
    I'm flattered to be called Pumpking, but I've only been a release manager, never Pumpking. (I'm not temperamentally suited for that role anyway.) As Aristotle points out, BUILD/DEMOLISH are a convention to let a provided constructor and destructor call customizations...
  • Commented on Test2/Test::Builder Update from the QAH
    Sadly, I wasn't able to attend the QAH this year. I'm disappointed that this is the outcome for Test2/Test::Builder, and, had I been there, I would have argued against it. I think the pendulum has swung too far towards an...
  • Commented on Classify your RT tickets on CPAN Day!
    Awesome! Thank you. -- David "satisfied for now" Golden...
  • Commented on Fix a bug on CPAN Day
    Breaking this down by severity would be more informative. For example, Module::Build has mostly "wishlist" and "unimportant" severity items. Even just excluding "wishlist" tickets would be a more useful "count"....
  • Commented on Let's top
    Or scan through this list of trending developers and follow anyone you recognize:
  • Commented on Let's delete 10,000 files from CPAN
    2112 scheduled for deletion, thanks to rjbs' tool...
  • Commented on HTTP::Tiny::SPDY - A Subclass of HTTP::Tiny with SPDY Support
    I'm trying to collect HTTP::Tiny extensions into HTTP::Tiny::UA. Would you be willing to contribute it there instead?...
  • Commented on A convention for Changes files
    As I've said elsewhere the only general spec I would support is this: First line: Version flush left, followed by whitespace, followed by human readable date (subsequent text optional) Subsequent lines: whitespace-indented text or whitespace-only lines If people want to...
  • Commented on Breaking users of old versions of a module
    VERSION would be called before import, so you can flag whether it was or not: package Foo; our $VERSION = 1; my $checked_version; sub VERSION { my $self = shift; $checked_version = 1; $self->SUPER::VERSION(@_); # or do your own minimum...
  • Commented on Crowdsourcing self-confidence
    Peter, whether it's volunteer or not doesn't matter. Either you're in charge or your not. It sounds like you are. So, fix the management parts of the project in the way that you want. That's what being BDFL means. Rule...
  • Commented on Crowdsourcing self-confidence
    How much do you care? If you don't care, then just walk away and let the project stall. (C.f. Module::Build) If you care, then fix the project. I think you have the moral authority given the amount of work you've...
  • Commented on p5-MOP syntax improvements
    If you're just prototyping, I wonder if source filters would let you be more experimental with less effort....
  • Commented on Unicode is 20++ years old and still a problem
    How is File::Find supposed to know how file names are encoded on your particular filesystem? (Hint: not all filesystems store names as UTF-8 Unicode.) That said, I don't see what Text::CSV::Slurp is doing to filenames that would cause a problem....
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  • commented on Test2/Test::Builder Update from the QAH

    Aristotle said:

    Thus the claim that Test modules would have to be written specifically against Test2, in order to be able to work with other Test2-based modules, is simply factually incorrect.

    That wasn't what I was trying to claim. Maybe I don't understand what you and Leon wanted to happen.

    My point was simply that Test2-using tools will not cooperate with code that uses the existing pre-Test2 Test::Builder. Of course, if Test::Builder is using Test2 under the hood, then tools using Test::Builder do not also have to change (but AFAICT no one is say…

  • Aristotle commented on Test2/Test::Builder Update from the QAH
    Maybe I don't understand what you and Leon wanted to happen.

    Yes, sorry, I’ll be publishing a long-form, detailed version of the proposal very soon. I’ve realised the proposal is (either largely or entirely) non-understood – the abridged version I presented on the fly at that table was insufficient. (I had hoped but failed to have it out there sufficiently early before the QAH that people could digest it in detail.)

    My point was simply that Test2-using tools will not cooperate with code that uses the existing pre-Test2 Test::Builder.
  • Chad 'Exodist' Granum commented on Test2/Test::Builder Update from the QAH

    One of the initial options discussed as early as last year was this:

    Test2 and Test::Builder remain separate. Tools pick one a build with it. To use both together you load a shim such as Test2::Legacy, which replaces Test::Builder with the alternative guts.

    This was the alternative being discussed in the Test2 meeting on day 1 of the 2016 hackathon. We decided it was not the right plan. My main reason for opposing this plan is that nothing stops people from updating old modules to use Test2, and also auto-loading the shim to insure they do not break things that depend on them…

  • KES commented on Reply to David Golden "Comparison of Class::Tiny and Object::Simple"

    > See Object::Simple(CPAN) for more details. I add FAQ section to reply this question.
    It will be usefull to see link to this article in module doc too:

    @xdg: and in the Class::Tiny too

    For example in the SEE ALSO section.

  • Yuki Kimoto commented on Reply to David Golden "Comparison of Class::Tiny and Object::Simple"


    I'm wrong. Perl don't call destructers automatically. Perl call only one destructor.

    I rewritten FAQ today.


    >I'd love to see Object::Simple add BUILD/DEMOLISH support


    Object::Simple is Mojo::Base porting. BUILD implementation slow down constructor performance. so maybe BUILD is not implemented in Mojo::Base.

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