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So, very recently the excellent Vastyn (Henry Van Styn) pointed out that we should be at the top of git.io:

" I came across our very own Kent Fredric’s GitHub profile today and did a double-take when I read his contrib stats:

# "Year of contributions: 21,996 total

Without even speculating by what kind of dedication/witchcraft this number is even possible, it made me curious about stats in general for GitHub, and some googling turned up this page:


This is a report of the “Most Active” 256 GitHub users. Well, not quite… The current number 1 on the list has HALF the contribs (kevinsawicki at “11,430”).

kentfredric doesn’t show up because of this second caveat: "Only first 1000 GitHub users according to the count of followers are taken. This is because of limitations of GitHub search.

So, it seems all we need to do is have a few hundred people follow kentfredric (based on followers counts of others who did make the list) and the next time this report is generated, Kent, and thus Perl, will take over the number 1 slot — and by a commanding margin (as it should be) — and dethroning JavaScript.

Currently, Perl is very poorly represented, with just a handful of our luminaries showing up (with the first not coming until #40).

I’m not sure how important this report/page actually is, but, I figure, why not if it is this easy! kentnl has already quietly done the hard part by somehow managing to average over **60** GitHub contributions per day, every day, for at least the past 365 days. All we have to do it make 2 clicks of the mouse, and tell our coworkers to do the same. It seems like we can make this happen in a blink of an eye…



So this is really simple people. If you have a Github account follow these two steps:

Click this link: https://github.com/kentfredric
Then Click: FOLLOW

Let's do it.


* Huge thanks to Vastyn for finding this and pointing it out, and to Ingy for doing additional leg work.


Yes, I've seen this list before. Although I'm nowhere near as active as kentfredric, I'm more active than a lot of the people on the list.

For now, I'll follow kentfredric as my contribution to gaming this list, but it seems to me that a better solution than getting everybody to follow him would be to find a way to solve the "limitations of GitHub search".

The limitations of Github search appear to be based on the technique by which they obtain the "most followed" people.

That is, for any given query, there is a limit of 1000 results, even with pagination.


After poking and prodding a bit, I discovered you can do: min..max instead of what they were already doing, >min

So after a few iterations of that I found a lot, lot more results, and have uploaded the aggregation of my results here:


If you look at the source, you'll see I have to employ ever narrowing "follower" counts because the number of people in each range grow exponentially ( there's something like 4 million accounts at the 10-follower limit :S )

For convenience, the subset of people who's language field says "Perl" is provided independently:


I have yet to correlate this data vs the "contribution" counts, but figured having this data as-is would be a good start.

Not to disparage kentnl's other efforts, i do have to point out that around 60%-80% of his commits are the result of an automated script which updates this repository: https://github.com/kentfredric/perl5-cpan-test-data

While i'll happily follow kentnl to play along with this game, since i enjoy messing with obviously skewed contests, i fully expect them to find a way to filter his results once he makes it onto that page. :)

Limiting to users with lots of followers makes sense, because otherwise I suspect a significant portion of the top entries would be bots.

I'm in as well.
Followed Tobyink as well.

Yeesh and poorly edited my comment. Meant to say, I'm in as well. I also followed TobyInkster as he didn't post a link to his own github ;)

Or scan through this list of trending developers and follow anyone you recognize:


I've modified my automated script also to commit with an email address that will cease to contribute to contribution stats.

If I apply this to the whole repo retroactively it should take me down from 22k contributions to around 6k.

That's still in the top 10, so I'm not worried.

Kent, looks like you didn't make it this month. The follower cutoff got bumped up to 296.

I agree that fixing the follower limitation is a better approach. Or even creating a reputation-like measure (people that contribute more count more?)

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