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  • Commented on Creating an MMORPG in Perl
    Question: do you want to hear more about my attempts to create an MMORPG in Perl, even if posts are not Perl-related? Doesn't quite fit the "RPG" part, but it fits the "MMO" part: the backend is mostly...
  • Commented on European Perl Tour 2014, getting real
    Hi brian, when you visit Frankfurt, be sure to drop by at (200km to the south-east). I'm sure we can organize a place for you to crush (in doubt at my place, though we have 2 small kids, so...
  • Commented on YAPC::Europe 2013 in Kiev, week minus 42. Food
    Please serve lunch right at the venue; it means attendants have to worry much less about where to get lunch, and it makes it much easier to converse with other people during lunch. I for one attend YAPC mostly for...
  • Commented on No Accepted Perl 6 Talks at YAPC::EU 2012?
    Thanks for looking into it. While you are at it, could you please send emails to those who have rejected talks too? It feels very weird to notify only speakers who have accepted talks....
  • Posted No Accepted Perl 6 Talks at YAPC::EU 2012? to moritz

    The YAPC::EU blog says "Our final voting round ends on Friday." So, Friday has gone by, does that mean that all talks that have not been accepted now have been rejected?

    And if so, are we really not going to have a single talk on Perl 6? I k…

  • Commented on Yet Another Friday the 13th
    Here's a Perl 6 one-liner: say (2012..2017 X 1..12).map(-> $y, $m {$y, $m, 13) }).grep(*.day-of-week == 5)...
  • Commented on Perl first world problems #1
    About perlbrew being slow, if you have multiple cores you could try MAKEFLAGS=-j4 perlbrew ... to compile with 4 jobs in parallel....
  • Commented on Core Modules add/remove quick reference
    FWIW the data is all in Module::CoreList, getting it out isn't very hard....
  • Commented on How (not) To Load a Module or Bad Interfaces Make Good People Do Bad Things
    You are totally right, using a module is too much "black box" in Perl 5. And while require_module is certainly a start in the right direction, it might make more sense to start exposing the more low-level operations to the...
  • Commented on What are your environment settings for Unicode?
    FWIW I wrote a while ago, but it probably needs to consider many more aspects and systems....
  • Commented on Perl Helps Save Endangered Languages
    I just downloaded the Perl client, and --list only shows to languages (Italian and Dutch). Is that normal? If not, where can I submit a bug report?...
  • Commented on Let's add Git userdiff defaults for Perl and Perl 6
    For Perl 6, instead of just 'sub', it's probably good to use multi|sub|submethod|method|macro Not sure if it's also a good idea to include BEGIN|END|INIT|CHECK etc., probably not....
  • Commented on Perl6 modules in Rakudo baby-steps, part 1
    For the record, you can also use the PERL6LIB environment variable on the outside of the program, just like PERL5LIB in p5....
  • Commented on Is 230 % 5 == 4? Sometimes it is.
    Output in Perl 6: 0. The reason is that 1.25 is represented as a rational number with integer numerator and denominator, so the identity 200 * 1.15 == 230 actually holds. Put another way: 15:47 <@pmichaud> I'd simply say that...
  • Commented on Grepping exact values
    In Perl 6 this form works already, because each list item is simply smart-matched against the first argument (aka matcher). If the matcher is a block/closure, the smart-matching executes the block, handing the list item as a parameter. If it's...
  • Posted Contribute to Perl 6, without huge startup costs to moritz

    Do you find Perl 6 interesting, but maybe not very accessible? Would you like to contribute half an hour of your time, if it doesn't involve learning a few new languages and weird parrot assembler langauges?

    Then participate in the ="…

  • Commented on Improve My Perl 6!
    You can force coercion to a hash with return %( gather for %preds.kv ...) But I'm not sure if you like that bettter. Also a perfect Perl 6 implementation wouldn't need %!freqs{$item1}{$item2} //= 0; and similar lines. I'm pretty sure...
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  • YAPC::Europe 2012 commented on No Accepted Perl 6 Talks at YAPC::EU 2012?

    What happened

    While choosing the talks, we voted on them to select each batch. This had the two-fold
    effect of only choosing the talks by majority vote ("All sports on TV are football")
    and also not having a close mental image of what (kinds of) talks had been accepted
    in the previous voting rounds and which were still in the hat. This unintentionally
    led to no Perl 6 talks being accepted.

    What we did

    As we did not want to reject speakers that we already accepted, we added a fourth track
    to make some more slots available in addition to th…

  • tinita commented on YAPC::Europe 2013 in Kiev, week minus 42. Food

    I also vote for vegan =)

    if people go outside for lunch, the break should be at least 1 1/2 hours for the most people to get back in time. (Some people are eating slow, and the order might take its time, and it's really annoying to be too late for the afternoon talks.)

    if you serve at the conference, the break can be shorter and people will have a bit more time in the evening to search for restaurants.

  • Smylers commented on YAPC::Europe 2013 in Kiev, week minus 42. Food

    I've liked all the conference-provided lunches at previous Yapc Europes. If you can find a way of providing lunch, that'd be fantastic.

    But I also didn't mind in Belfast and Vienna having to go and find lunch elsewhere. Chatting in the same small group for an hour or so you can actually get to know people better than milling around in a big room with everybody. Just make sure you allow 1½ hours, or 2 if there's a bit of a walk to likely food providers.

    If I'm lucky enough to be a speaker again, I don't want non-speaking conference attendees to be (indirectly) paying for my…

  • Donegal Hotels commented on YAPC::Europe 2013 in Kiev, week minus 42. Food

    Good food is always appreciated. I think you should provide different kind of food according to the guests. Vegetarian food necessary as many people prefer vegetarian food.

  • Ovid commented on Creating an MMORPG in Perl

    moritz: I used to play Lacuna Expanse quite a bit. The only downside I really found is the pollution. You could go on holiday for a week and come back, only to discover that everything you built had been destroyed by pollution. Sure, you could write scripts to manage your waste, or maybe figure out how to use someone else's scripts, but that made Lacuna Expanse very self-limiting, in my opinion.

    Unless you had some geek skills, you had to play every single day, without fail, to stop your colonies from imploding. That was somewhat demoralizing to me.

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