No Accepted Perl 6 Talks at YAPC::EU 2012?

The YAPC::EU blog says "Our final voting round ends on Friday." So, Friday has gone by, does that mean that all talks that have not been accepted now have been rejected?

And if so, are we really not going to have a single talk on Perl 6? I know that some good speakers (and I don't mean me :-) have submitted talks on Perl 6, and I'd be rather disappointed if they all got rejected.

Can anybody tell me what's going on?


It ain't over till the fat lady sings. AFAIK they had an enormous backlog (it took them like 4 months to accept my talk), and currently they have accepted 56 out of 102 talks, so 46 talks that aren't accepted yet. Last year they accepted 143 out of 158. I don't know how many they are planning to accept, but I'd guess that there's still plenty of room.

Just a quick information:

We are looking into this. Currently it seems as if some talk votes were counted differently from the expectations. I don't know if that affected how many talks did not make the cut that would otherwise be accepted. But be asserted that there is no conspiracy or organizer decision against talks about Perl 6.

As I consider it unfair to those who already got their talk accepted, we will look into how we can make room and time for more talks. As soon as we have a solution, we will announce it and notify the affected speakers.

max: does that mean my perl rx 6 talk can happen in the end?

What happened

While choosing the talks, we voted on them to select each batch. This had the two-fold
effect of only choosing the talks by majority vote ("All sports on TV are football")
and also not having a close mental image of what (kinds of) talks had been accepted
in the previous voting rounds and which were still in the hat. This unintentionally
led to no Perl 6 talks being accepted.

What we did

As we did not want to reject speakers that we already accepted, we added a fourth track
to make some more slots available in addition to those that were accepted but whose
speakers can not attend. Then we looked through the remaining talks
and selected talks that fit with the accepted talks
or covered ground not covered elsewhere. The additionally accepted speakers
should have received the acceptance emails by now. There were some Perl 6 talks
among the selected :-)

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