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  • Commented on playing with Cairo
    PDL::Graphics::Cairo would be awesome David !! Please do it....
  • Commented on Why code style is important
    Jean-Damien, it is a comparison to Perl's syntax of if-else blocks where a single statement after an if needs a {} block definition. In C, a single statement after an if condition without any {} delimiters is considered part of...
  • Commented on security breach
    Thanks for the response to the attack. You might want to look at OWASP to future proof from web application attacks. They have guidelines and tutorials....
  • Posted Technical Analysis in Finance using PDL - An Introduction. to Vikas Kumar

    In early 2013 I came across PDL and was surprised at its quality and applicability to large data sets which exist in the finance/trading world if you consider intra-day data which is stored tick by tick. You can easily run into 100,000 or more ticks in a few…

  • Commented on Learning project: introduction
    Maybe you could look at Moodle (the software package) that does the e-learning stuff and is very popular. Any form of e-learning is more about the content than anything else and that is where your focus should really be. Existing...
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  • gvl commented on Why code style is important

    With postfixed ifs something like this is very unlikely to happen.

  • Gabor Szabo commented on Why code style is important

    I find it funny that this would be warned about just by setting -Wall.

    Our Wall would not accept such code.

  • Ovid commented on Why code style is important

    And this is why, when I'm hacking on Javascript, I always put the curly braces on if statements, even if the body is only a single line.

  • Ether commented on Why code style is important

    This looks like something that could have happened from a git merge, without someone manually reviewing the result of the merge.

    The same thing would have happened if braces were used like this:

    if ((err = SSLHashSHA1.update(&hashCtx, &signedParams)) != 0)
    { goto fail; }
    { goto fail; }

    Only if the braces were on a different line would we either have gotten a
    detectable merge conflict, or a second goto operation that did no harm:

    if ((err = SSLHashSHA1.update(&hashCtx, &signedParams)) != 0) {
    goto fail;

  • Dmitry Karasik commented on playing with Cairo

    Raini thanks for the tip .. Indeed Inline::C speeds it up to 10 times! Now in 1.01 version :)

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