• About: I use Perl.
  • Commented on 6lang: The Naming Discussion Update
    What I've noticed: Other than people caught up in the name debate, and people trying to be respectful of those caught up in the debate, lots of writing about the language resorts to the practical abbreviation "P6". This is in...
  • Commented on fatal warnings are a ticking time bomb (via chromatic)
    I just noticed that the stub created by Module::Starter has use warnings FATAL => 'all';...
  • Commented on Looking at DBI Part 17, Wasn't that a Police Album
    Thanks for this series. Looks like a typo here: We can then check the statement handle with the 'pg_ready' method which returns 'true' if the query is finished, some thing like this while (!$dbh->pg_ready) { ... Shouldn't that have been...
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