My new modules in 2021


I had a reasonably productive year, releasing several modules that I think/hope are useful for the wider ecosystem.


This module manages the passwords in a cryptographically agile manner. That means that it can not only verify passwords using different ciphers, but it also aids in gradually upgrading passwords hashed with an outdated cipher (or outdated settings) to the current one; for example when you want to upgrade from bcrypt to argon2. Password hashing is both a rather common form of cryptography, and one that is more subject to change than others; you should probably reevaluate your password handling every couple of years. With this module, you can initiate such a transition with a simple configuration change.

This also includes a number of extension distributions (e.g. Crypt::Passphrase::Argon2, Crypt::Passphrase::Bcrypt, etc…), and one new backend module (Crypt::Bcrypt)


My most ambitious project of the year by far. It's actually been in the making for a decade, full of lessons learned in my previous attempt. Thread::Csp is a new threading library (build on ithreads primitives, but not on and doesn't clone whole interpreters); it is based on Communicating Sequential Processes (hence the name), the same model that Go uses (in particular for its channels).

I firmly believe share-nothing message-passing models of multi-threading are the overlap between what is useful and what is realistically possible given the current interpreter.


This is essentially an autodie replacement with one important difference: it's based on opcode overrides instead of function overrides. This means not only that it interacts better with other pragmas, but also that it can support keywords that can not easily be overriden (such as print and system). It should also give less weird edge-cases than autodie.


I didn't produce as much Raku code this year, most of my Raku energy went into writing a series of blog posts that eventually I made a conference presentation instead.


This was a port of the previously mentioned Perl module. It doesn't quite have the backend ecosystem that its big brother has, but given that there's a lot less legacy software in Raku that's not all that much of a problem.


A friend complained about the lack of MQTT support in Raku, and binary protocols just happen to be something I have a lot of experience with, so I implemented an MQTT client. While arguably this is the least useful module of the bunch, it was the most fun to write. Raku's typesystem and integrated event loop made this experience a lot smoother than they would have been in other languages.

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@Leon, Thank you for Crypt::Passphrase! I tried it as soon as I read about it. It's now in use in several production apps I work on, providing a higher comfort level for the future as the encryption carousel keeps spinning... Much appreciated!

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