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  • Commented on Your benchmarks suck!
    Dumbbench doesn't seem to be very well maintained anymore....
  • Commented on Inline::F2003 - An ILSM for modern FORTRAN
    How come it wasn't named Inline::Fortran? That would probably be easier for users to find when searching cpan....
  • Commented on 6lang: The Naming Discussion Update
    Perl 6 started the design process in 2000, which is before many of these people were even born. So instead of trying to win the race claiming to be the hare, be proud of being the tortoise ;-)...
  • Posted Spam on CPAN to whirlyperly

    Some idiot has just uploaded a purely spam distribution: THEMA-MEDIA. He clearly knows it's idiotic, because his begins with "CPAN-foolishness".

  • Commented on Please don't use ::Tiny unless it meets the ::Tiny criteria, thanks!
    I doubt many people creating ::Tiny modules would be using the monstrous beast that is Dist::Zilla to manage them....
  • Commented on Live Streaming
    For those of us who couldn't watch it live, are they going to be available later, like the YAPC NA ones were?
  • Commented on Don't be afraid to rename your module / dist
    I agree wholeheartedly with your opinions here Neil. I think there should even be a CPANTS field for appropriately-named module/dist. I truly hate "branded", non-descriptive names. It gives me the impression that the author was lazy or a trying to...
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  • Renormalist commented on 6lang: The Naming Discussion Update

    Show Perl 6 code to a non-Perl programmer and let him/her decide. He/She will definitely answer "it's Perl".

  • Ron Grunwald commented on Inline::F2003 - An ILSM for modern FORTRAN

    Yes, good question - thank you. My reasoning for calling it Inline::F2003 is to emphasize that it does require a FORTRAN 2003 compiler as a minimum. You see, the key FORTRAN feature that makes this module work is "C Interoperability" - and this feature was first introduced in the 2003 standard.

  • Grinnz commented on Inline::F2003 - An ILSM for modern FORTRAN

    As long as the word Fortran appears in the abstract (the part of the NAME section after the module name and hyphen), it should be easily searchable on metacpan. Regardless, it doesn't appear that this distribution is on CPAN currently.

  • Ron Grunwald commented on Inline::F2003 - An ILSM for modern FORTRAN

    Inline::F2003 is currently not available on CPAN - that's correct. I feel the module is not yet sufficiently mature to be released on CPAN. For instance, it hasn't been tested on Mac OS X or MS Windows. Although, that will happen soon.

    I've released the distribution on Sourceforge to allow programmers early access to the module so they may report back any problems they've come across. Any issues that I've found have so far been logged as Sourceforge tickets.

  • JJ Merelo commented on 6lang: The Naming Discussion Update

    Could be x-lang (eks-lang). Not so bad, not taken as far as I know.

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