Spam on CPAN

Some idiot has just uploaded a purely spam distribution: THEMA-MEDIA. He clearly knows it's idiotic, because his begins with "CPAN-foolishness".


Thanks for alerting us to this. We'll notify the cops and let them take it from here.

I filed a bug against the module's issue tracker.

I don't think the author *intended* this to be spam, but it doesn't seem to serve much of a purpose.

Just in case you did not notice, the page it refers to is on sale. Mostly sure the authors name and email are fake.

It's not spam, and nothing is faked. It's appears to be a rather ham-fisted attempt to reserve a top-level namespace.

Google on the author's name you will find he even attended to lpw2013. This is a "trial" CPAN module, IMHO & as says Dave.

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