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  • About: I'm the author of Mastering Perl, and the co-author of Learning Perl (6th Edition), Intermediate Perl, Programming Perl (4th Edition) and Effective Perl Programming (2nd Edition).
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  • mauke commented on Converting glob patterns to regular expressions

    Text::Glob doesn't treat repeated * specially, no. But it supports many other features (wildcards don't match a leading dot, curlies, etc) plus it uses a rather C-like approach to converting the pattern (iterating over single characters, state machine) so it would take more than 10 seconds of looking at it to make any major changes to the algorithm.

  • Chris Maloney commented on Saved By Pinto

    I'm trying to set up a deployment system with Carton and Pinto. One thing I'm concerned about is that it seems that Pinto wants to only have one version of each module in each "stack", whereas Carton records every version of every module, and is, of course, project-specific. So, what happens if one project updates a module in Pinto? Won't that cause projects whose cpanfile.snapshot point to an earlier version to break?

    How do people deal with this? Do they "pin" each and every version that appears in a cpanfile.snapshot anywhere? Do you have one "stack" per project?

    If there'…

  • Nicolas Mendoza commented on List::Slice - Slice-like Operations for Lists

    Awesome, I had this request in #perl-help the other day, and hopefully I can now never run into auto-vivification of dereferenced array-ref members again (still don't understand why that happens.)

    $ perl -wE 'my $a=[1,2,3]; say 0+@{$a}; say map { $_ // "undef" } @{$a}[0..10]; say 0+@{$a};'
  • preaction commented on List::Slice - Slice-like Operations for Lists

    Yeah, that's a good idea. I'd love to convince more people that XS isn't as scary and terrible as it seems.

  • Erez Schatz commented on List::Slice - Slice-like Operations for Lists

    I can't read this. The gifs are way too distracting.

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