I just discovered Dev.to

I don't really keep up with online resources, and I blogs.perl.org to be (like perl) a nice and stable home. I've watched resources come and go - I've lost untold content in the process (geocities, myspace, LtU, hello??).

I recently discovered dev.to because of a nice benchmarking article published by a long standing community member:

Benchmarking Perl Core Class in v5.38 By John Napiorkowski


So I guess this is like some kind of substack for developer blogging? I only recently discovered that resource also.

John also has a new post that I found very thought provoking.

A Rational Process for Perl Language Feature Development


It seems topical and relavent for sure. I will be paying more attention to dev.to in the future. If you know of other Perl bloggers in dev.to, please link them in the comments. As for me, I plan on sticking with good old blogs.perl.org. Like I've said, I've lost a lot of content over the years to huge blogging platforms. Hope dev.to will stand up to time.



I highly recommend using a service like dev.to as a way to break out of the echo chamber and get your blog posts read by people who aren't just the Perl community.

But you don't have to give up blogging here. In dev.to, they have a feature where you can reblog stuff from a web feed. It's really easy to do.

Also, you can follow all of the posts tagged "Perl" on dev.to at:


It's also one of the sources I use for Planet Perl:


Note that Reddit filters out dev.to links that people submit, so if you have problems with that in /r/perl, contact the mods.

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