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  • Commented on Introducing CPANParty
    What happens when you add a module to cpanparty (great name btw)- do you write integration tests? Or is the idea to "crowd-source" perl people to write tests for modules?...
  • Commented on Playing games with outthentic dsl
    Is your stream example code correct? It looks the same as the example above it, with "between", "regexp:", and "code:"; why is @{match_lines} an array of scalars in the first but becomes an array of arrayrefs in the second?...
  • Commented on Apropos proto: Perl6.c multi thoughts
    As you pointed out S06 specifies .push($candidate) Adds $candidate to the list of candidates for this proto ... Protos created by calling should be able add candidates at run-time. which means, the spec does allow for a Proto class,...
  • Posted Apropos proto: Perl6.c multi thoughts to Yary

    Multi routines are pretty neat, but seem incomplete to me. Some background- one can compute factorials this way:
    multi fac(0) { 1 }
    multi fac(Int $n where 1..Inf) { $n * fac( $n-1 ) }
    say fac(4); # 24

    Now what if we want to pass our recursive-mult…

  • Commented on Text, Grammar, Tree- the 3
    Wow, jnthn's done all the heavy lifting with Grammar::Generative already! Or at least he got a proof-of-concept up, which looks promising. thanks for the tip!...
  • Commented on Simplest way of serving local files over HTTP?
    According to this PerlMonks node you can use "http_this", which is this code: plackup -MPlack::App::Directory -e 'Plack::App::Directory->new->to_app' Though even that doesn't start with Perl. The web has also yielded perl -MMojolicious::Lite -MCwd -e 'app->static->paths->[0]=getcwd; app->start' daemon -l http://*:8000 perl -Mojo...
  • Posted Text, Grammar, Tree- the 3 to Yary

    I think of text, grammars that parse the text, and the syntax trees (data) generated by a parser as a triangle. Most of the time in computerland, people doing something with this triangle are interested in converting a text into a tree using a parser.

  • Commented on Focussing Haskell on Perl 6
    I like the concept, but can the syntax be made to look more like the binding operator and less like a comparison? eg $a :< $lens >: $b; # Either side triggers change in other $a << $lens >: $b;...
  • Commented on UTF-16 and Windows CRLF, oh my
    Right and in fact, in Windows cmd shell (the good old DOS-heritage one) no quoting at all is needed around the -M option, since in that shell the $ sign has no special meaning! And yes, this tip is good...
  • Posted UTF-16 and Windows CRLF, oh my to Yary

    I recently had to do some quick search/replace on a bundle of Windows XML files. They are all encoded as UTF-16LE, with the Windows \n\r line endings encoded as 0D 00 0A 00.

    Perl can handle UTF-16LE just fine, and it handles CRLF endings on windows out-of-the-box, but the…

  • Commented on Fixed 5.22 problems during my compiler port
    ++dly Thanks for the good description of mentoring vs. badgering. Alas, transferring skills is another layer of talent and effort on top of employing those skills. At the moment this split seems healthy for all, though I share your hope...
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  • Reini Urban commented on Fixed 5.22 problems during my compiler port

    You should all have not to deal with p5p anymore, as they are not able to maintain their product, are making the product worse and worse, are not able to provide basic new features which are outlined since 2002, are not able to manage and communicate, created a hostile and childish environment with multiple occurrences of name calling, while the one who called out the bullies got punished, drove everyone with a blink of competence away in the last 15 years and are not able to provide basic security for their product.

    And no, the problem will not go away with a new maintainer, the top…

  • Rick Leir commented on Simplest way of serving local files over HTTP?

    Is it worth mentioning X-Sendfile ? It is used if your code has decided to serve a static file. There are several ways of using X-Sendfile from Perl.
    Basically you add a response header then Apache or lighty serves the file for you. That is much more efficient than serving it from Perl.

  • melezhik commented on Playing games with outthentic dsl

    Thanks for pointing this! The example should be:

    regexp: [A-Z]
    code:                           \
    my $i;                          \
    for my $s (@{stream()}) {    \
        $i++;                       \
        print "stream #$i\n";       \
        for my $l (@{$s}){          \
            print "$l\n"            \
        }                           \       


  • DrForr commented on Focussing Haskell on Perl 6

    I don't see why not. I was just after the visual metaphor of light rays coming through a lens, but :: seem less confusing. The module itself is on hiatus while I get a few other things done, but that's a good idea.

  • melezhik commented on Introducing CPANParty

    First of all, thanks for question, Yary!

    > cpanparty (great name btw)
    Thanks! ... yeah, I like it to! ;)

    > do you write integration tests? Or is the idea to "crowd-source" perl people to write tests for modules?

    For the time being all the tests are written by me, but of course I would like other people will join the party ;) Already added test suites could be good start point ( as examples ) for cpanparty beginners, as writing tests implies using dedicated frameworks (swat or outthentic)

    Another idea behind cpanparty tests are kind of specifi…

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