Introducing CPANParty

Not long time ago I asked a community about possible service to run integration tests for existed cpan modules , not having too much feedback I decided to run such a service to make my suggestion visible and available to try for other users.

So, meet CPANParty - an alternative integration tests for cpan modules. Right now service is hosted on swatpm site, but in the future I will probably move it to dedicated domain.

Only a few randomly chosen cpan modules was picked up and tested. Eventually I will add more.

So, questions, ideas, issues?

Please comment here or to

Thanks in advance

Alexey Melezhik

PS CPANParty reports page below

cpanparty reports


What happens when you add a module to cpanparty (great name btw)- do you write integration tests? Or is the idea to "crowd-source" perl people to write tests for modules?

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