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  • Commented on What's happening with DBD::Oracle?
    I'm using DBD::Oracle for work, too. Though I hope we migrate to PostgreSQL or MariaDB someday......
  • Commented on Alternatives to rand()
    The only downside is the slow performance, which is typical of the AES-CTR algorithm. It shouldn't be on semi-recent hardware (which has AES support). On my not-so-recent box, openssl speed -evp chacha20 gets 1.6GB/sec with big blocks, but … -evp...
  • Commented on Golang's 'defer' in Perl
    In your make_upper_caser_iterator example, I'm pretty sure that $fh becoming unreferenced closes the file anyway. So the explicit close isn't needed (except, of course, that you could check the result and handle errors). Also, if your file handle is valid...
  • Commented on Cool Perl 6 features available in Perl 5
    You don't need Quote::Code: say "2 + 2 = @{[2 + 2]}"; # "2 + 2 = 4" That has worked in perl5 for quite a while—I think the newest feature used there is "say"....
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  • mtve commented on What's happening with DBD::Oracle?

    For Oracle I'm using DBD::JDBC with pure perl DBI (DBI_PUREPERL=2), for almost 10 years already.

    No XS, very portable, works on old solaris and linux, no additional modules required. Solved all problems so far.

  • dch26 commented on What's happening with DBD::Oracle?

    I use DBD::Oracle for 3 very large customers for work too. 1 of them on AIX. 1 of them on RHEL and the last on windows. all systems using modern perl. once installed (haha) i have no problems with it. happy to chip into conversations about improving or expanding it.

  • Nic Sandfield commented on What's happening with DBD::Oracle?

    I am using it at work, against 10g, soon 11g, formerly 9i. So can do some testing of any proposed releases if that helps. Personally I'm getting by ok with the current package, but would be v happy to use a release with fewer problems.


  • Jason McIntosh commented on What's happening with DBD::Oracle?

    Another DBD::Oracle user here, for a client's very important legacy application.

  • Enkidu commented on What's happening with DBD::Oracle?

    Long-time, superficial user of DBD::Oracle. Currently running SELECT calls against 11g and 12c.

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