What's happening with DBD::Oracle?

For $work reasons I have had to do a lot of work with DBD::Oracle.

Master in github has a lot of floating changes (https://github.com/pythian/DBD-Oracle/commits/master) since the latest release (v1.74 see https://github.com/pythian/DBD-Oracle/commits/v1.74)

There are also a number of PR's aged by several years, of which I found many helpful and have curated into a new PR which applies cleanly against master (see https://github.com/pythian/DBD-Oracle/pull/62)

Whilst I have no interest in adoption DBD::Oracle, I am interested in a new "official release" so am curious who's out there using it?

FWIW In the wonderful world of travis and docker, it would be neat to spin up all sorts of testing. I investigated for a few moments but the Oracle docker images still require you to download the SDK zip files (requires oracle.com account) and insert them


I'm using DBD::Oracle for work, too. Though I hope we migrate to PostgreSQL or MariaDB someday...

For Oracle I'm using DBD::JDBC with pure perl DBI (DBI_PUREPERL=2), for almost 10 years already.

No XS, very portable, works on old solaris and linux, no additional modules required. Solved all problems so far.

I use DBD::Oracle for 3 very large customers for work too. 1 of them on AIX. 1 of them on RHEL and the last on windows. all systems using modern perl. once installed (haha) i have no problems with it. happy to chip into conversations about improving or expanding it.

I am using it at work, against 10g, soon 11g, formerly 9i. So can do some testing of any proposed releases if that helps. Personally I'm getting by ok with the current package, but would be v happy to use a release with fewer problems.


Another DBD::Oracle user here, for a client's very important legacy application.

Long-time, superficial user of DBD::Oracle. Currently running SELECT calls against 11g and 12c.

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