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  • Veesh commented on Pizza Party for 100

    Plan on it. I'm gonna try to write some perl 6 one of these days. It's so cool, but super overwhelming.

  • Mohammad S Anwar commented on Pizza Party for 100

    Congratulation on your first blog. You made me re-work the Cake task in my head when you mentioned the answer is the square root of the amount of guests. I wonder how did you come to that conclusion? I am not saying it is wrong, just curious to know how?

  • Veesh commented on Pizza Party for 100

    In all honesty, it was intuition. I tried it out with a couple of values, and it seemed to confirm the square root idea. Perhaps I'll be able to mathematically prove it one day. This week's ackermann question is pretty math-ey, so maybe I'll figure a proof for this one too.

  • Sawyer X commented on The Perl Conference in Riga

    Sorry to hear about... geez... all of it. We'll catch up in Riga. Missed you. <3

  • Brad Gilbert commented on Perl Weekly Challenge #014
        $solution ~~ m:g/../
        $solution.comb(2) # much faster
        $a % 2 == 0
        $a %% 2 # clearer
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