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  • About: I try to write all code in Perl, but find I end up writing in bash, CSS, HTML, JS, and SQL, and doing database design, just to get anything done...
  • Commented on How does <email> work?
    I believe I get exactly the msgs I expect....
  • Commented on Mojolicious: Do It For The Candy!
    Hi Joel I’m amazed how simple and clean this all looks. Mojolicious Rocks! && Perl Rocks!....
  • Commented on A GUI for CPAN::Mini
    Hi Alex Looks good. For ignore_source_control, I would have called it preserve_cvs_files or preserve_source_control or some such. Also, I would capture STDOUT with Capture::Tiny, and just echo it verbatim....
  • Commented on Please Test: PPI 1.217_01 - bug fixes, speed optimizations, tests, doc improvements
    I just tested it by installing it and then (re-)installing Marpa::R2 V 2.088, and running all the tests for my modules which use Marpa. Result: All tests (523) for my Marpa-based modules passed after installing PPI 1.217_01....
  • Commented on Net:: vs WWW:: vs WebService::
    PAUSE guidelines are important, but it's still up to each author to think about the structure of the name they choose. My question remains: What does 'WebService' add to the mix?...
  • Commented on Net:: vs WWW:: vs WebService::
    I wish it was that simple, or ever simpler... I suspect people are more likely to search MetaCPAN for Yelp than WebService. So, I see no reason to use WebService, let alone prefer it. I.e. what does it offer? All...
  • Commented on Drinking the Data::Printer Kool-Aid
    I'd suggest you write a wrapper providing settings for various 'basic' options. See that great module Data::Dumper::Concise for how this was done for that other great module Data::Dumper. You might thereby make Data::Printer more approachable, although after your installation saga,...
  • Posted Warning: has been hacked to Ron Savage

    Here's the message displayed by Chrome:

    Danger: Malware Ahead!
    Google Chrome has blocked access to this page on
    Content from, a known malware distributor, has been inserted into this web page. Visiting this page now is very likely to …

  • Posted A marvellous source of color info to Ron Savage

    Here, I've entered ff9600:

  • Commented on
    Hi BooK I'd say lost major support when Randy Kobes died: Perhaps someone has taken over the work....
  • Commented on WTF: $Test::Builder::Level is invalid
    $many x $thanx for the replies. For each of my 8 modules which use Marpa::R2, I do: local $CWD = $dir_name; ($stdout, $stderr) = capture{system 'prove', 't'}; Then I parse the output with: if ($line =~ /^Files=.+Tests=(\d+),/) Looking for a...
  • Posted WTF: $Test::Builder::Level is invalid to Ron Savage

    Someone started using Test::Pretty and now I can't run tests. I get:

    GraphViz2::Marpa: Start ... # $Test::Builder::Level is invalid. Testing library you are using is broken. : 2 at /home/ron/perl5/perlbrew/perls/perl-5.18.2/lib/site_perl/5.18.2/Test/ line 134.

    Googling di…

  • Commented on Intent to adopt Win32API::ProcessStatus
    PAUSE admins on our mailing list would also like to hear from you. Try an email to: "" See also this for advice:
  • Posted Why kickstarting increases chances of success to Ron Savage

    Here's research into why even little Perl projects should be pushed along:

  • Commented on Image::Magick packaged for Perlbrew and cpanm
    I'm using the same version :-(....
  • Commented on Image::Magick packaged for Perlbrew and cpanm
    Looks good, ...but... Comments via your blog are ignored if I choose 'Google Account'. It's very frustrating. I get this msg as advice (which is good): perlbrew --force install 5.18.2 -de -Dprefix=/home/ron/perl5/perlbrew/perls/perl-5.18.2 -Duseshrplib But perlbrew rejects it: ABORT: perl-5.18.2 is...
  • Posted Github cheat sheet to Ron Savage

  • Commented on CPAN RT overrun by spam
    Hi Phred Can you tell us a distro to inspect?...
  • Posted Another way to rank languages to Ron Savage

    I didn't see this posted recently, and searches here for redmonk and ranking returned nothing, so... I give you - Language Popularity:

    GitHub (x-axis) 'v' StackOverFlow (y-axis).


  • Posted Dispute resolution failure in (financial) electronic systems to Ron Savage

    The original article

    The paper referred to by that article

  • Posted The Drone Papers to Ron Savage

    I've uploaded to my web site chapters 1 .. 5 of:

    The Drone Papers

    Chapter 1: Drone + Virus = Shock + Awe
    Chapter 2: Using Drones to Hijack Government Policy
    Chapter 3: Using Drones for Arson, Sabotage and Quar…

  • Commented on Seeking code to find a free TCP/IP port
    The code using this is a test, t/daemon.t, in Pod::Webserver, which I recently adopted. It (obviously) runs a daemon (which I very rarely do in my code), using: my $port = $ENV{'PODWEBSERVERPORT'}; Due to fails via CPAN testers, I changed...
  • Commented on Seeking code to find a free TCP/IP port
    Thanx for the suggestions. Net::EmptyPort in Test::TCP it is....
  • Posted Seeking code to find a free TCP/IP port to Ron Savage

    I know some modules search for a free port during testing, but I can't think of any specific one ATM. Any suggestions?

  • Commented on Trivial tools
    After editing various files within a module (all under 'lib'), I check whether or not I should do a full build of a distro with #!/bin/bash find lib -name \*.pm -exec perl -Ilib -c {} \;...
  • Posted My CPAN release history to Ron Savage

    Thanx to Neil Bowers.

  • Commented on Seeking web conferencing s/w
    See also Wikipedia comparison....
  • Posted Seeking web conferencing s/w to Ron Savage

    I’m look for some of the above, /with pre-reqs for my setup/:

    • Debian
    • AMD chip (see below)
    • Can demo s/w running on my laptop

    Suggestions most welcome.

  • Commented on Seeking 3d graphics lib for JS
    Just for the record, Neil Bowers has pointed me to:
  • Posted Seeking 3d graphics lib for JS to Ron Savage

    My client especially wishes to display clustered stacked bar charts with and without a 3d effect, via JS.

    I do realize the 'clustered stacked' and '3d' requirements are both very limiting.

    AFAIK the d3 package has no 3d option, but is otherwise fascin…

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