Railroad diagrams for SQL 2003 and SQL 2016

On github at https://github.com/ronsavage/SQL you will find a repo of SQL stuff created by Jonathan Leffler.

I recently added some files for SQL 2003 and SQL 2016, created by Domingo Alvarez Duarte.

Specifically, look for:
o sql-2003-2.ebnf
o sql-2003-2.ebnf.readme
o sql-2003-2-railroad-diagrams.xhtml
o sql-2016.ebnf
o sql-2016.ebnf.readme
o sql-2016-railroad-diagrams.xhtml

I'd suggest downloading the *.xhtml files and viewing them locally, rather than hammering the on-line convertor mentioned in the readme files, which accepts *.ebnf files and displays these railroad diagrams.

And that begs the question: Is there any Perl code which converts a grammar into a railroad diagram?

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