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  • About: Perl user since about 2006, I have also released some CPAN modules.
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  • Grinnz commented on Modern Perl CGI

    I intentionally did not frame this as "you should use Mojolicious", since I know it is not everyone's cup of tea. There are other alternatives that provide the same benefits. However, Mojolicious (and most of the other options, too) can be fatpacked, which solves both problems.

    The version will only work on "basically any server" until "basically any server" stops coming with Perls older than 5.20 (ignoring the other modules used, of which the core versions are either significantly slower or significantly more painful to use correctly). RHEL 8 is in beta now...

  • Dave Cross commented on Modern Perl CGI
    The version will only work on "basically any server" until "basically any server" stops coming with Perls older than 5.20

    It's worse than that. RHEL/Centos 6 and 7 (which are both currently mainstream in the low-cost web hosting industry) both come, by default, with a crippled version of the perl RPM which doesn't include

    This is easily fixed, of course. You simply need to install the perl-core RPM which brings your Perl installation up to scratch. The problem is persuading your low-cost web hosting sysadmin to to that.

  • Olaf Alders commented on I'm fully covered

    All of the coverage stats are generated by MetaCPAN is only returning the results provided by the cpancover API.

  • Aristotle commented on I'm fully covered

    It doesn’t make any difference to users whether MetaCPAN runs the coverage checking itself or endorses the data generated by another service. The weight given to the data by MetaCPAN is the same.

  • James Wright commented on DuckDuckGo and MetaCPAN

    try adding metacpan to the search or limiting the search to, then it affects Lingua::EN::Numbers, and Task::Any::Numbers but not Lingua::JA::Numbers

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